How To Enable Or Disable T9 Dictionary On Ios Or Android

How To Enable Or Disable T9 Dictionary On Ios Or Android

Today, many smartphones and tablets have keyboards with so-called predictive input, which predicts the next word that the user is about to enter, or simply corrects any spelling mistakes. Unfortunately, this function does not work perfectly. Often the word is corrected not for what we would like, but some words used in everyday life are not at all in the device dictionary. Often there is no use in predictive input — harm alone. Then there is a need to turn it off, which is why we will find out today how to disable T9 on Android and iOS devices without using complicated actions.

Turn off predictive input on Android

We’ll figure out how to disable T9 on devices running Android OS (be it 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0 or some other version of the operating system). As an example, let’s see how to turn off corrections and tips in the Google keyboard.

Turn on your smartphone or tablet and open the main screen with a list of applications. Select the application “Settings". Next, go to the item "Language and input"(The name of this item may be slightly different, but the meaning will be the same: entering text and choosing the language of the system and keyboard). You will see a list of available keyboard options. In this list, find the name of the keyboard that you usually use. Its name will be displayed in the paragraph “Default keyboard», Which is in the list you are currently open. In our case, this is a Google keyboard or, as the creators now called it, Gboard. Click on the name and get into the settings of a particular keyboard. There are such items as:

  • Languages
  • Topic
  • Text correction
  • Continuous input
  • Dictionary, etc.

Since we want to disable T9, we are interested in the section "Text correction". Tap on it. Options like “Suggest word options","Auto fix" etc. We turn off everything the more you do not want to use. After that, check the changes in some messenger, browser or text editor.

You can always return the removed functionality by doing the same steps as described in this paragraph.

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Turn off predictive input on iOS

Disabling T9 predictive input on an iPhone or iPad is also not a big deal. Follow our instructions. The instruction is suitable for iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, because the actions required to disable T9 do not differ much on different versions of the "apple" OS.

  1. To enable or disable auto-correction, go to the main screen.
  2. Click on the “Settings” icon.
  3. Go to the "General" section and open the "Keyboard" tab.
  4. You will see a list of installed keyboards and the available options for a standard keyboard: “AutoCap”, “AutoCorrection”, “Spelling” and others.
  5. Turn off everything you don’t want to use. The changes will immediately take effect and you can check them in the browser, messenger or notes.

You can turn on the necessary functions back in the same place, in the keyboard settings.

If you are not using a standard keyboard, but installed from the AppStore, then all the options described above can be found in the application of the keyboard you are using. For example, similar parameters can be found in the Fleksy or Gboard application, which also have their own dictionary.


We hope this manual helped you figure out how to easily disable t9 on Android or iOS. Now you can turn T9 mode on and off on your tablet and smartphone. Disabling auto-correction will help to avoid unnecessary corrections and speed up the input speed a little if this option often corrects what you did not need to fix.

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