How To Find Out (Where To Look) The Mac Address Of The Router Tp-Link, Asus, D-Link, Tenda

How To Find Out (Where To Look) The Mac Address Of The Router Tp-Link, Asus, D-Link, Tenda

In this short article, I will tell you about how you can find out the physical address of the router, which is also the MAC address.

If you have already visited this page, then you most likely know why you need to find out the MAC address of the router, for something, it will come in handy. The most popular case is when the provider binds to the MAC address, and you need to tell the physical address of the router to your Internet provider so that it binds to the MAC address. If the provider does this affection, then there may be problems in the process of configuring the router. On such problems (in particular, on binding to a physical address), we already have a separate article. What type of connection should I specify when setting up the router? We find out the necessary information that is useful in the setup process.

Now we will figure out how to see the MAC address of the router. I will show in more detail for Tp-Link, D-Link and Asus devices, as they are the most popular. But, the process itself is practically no different from routers of other companies, such as Tenda, Netgear, Zyxel, etc.

There are two ways to find out the network address of a router:

  • Look at the sticker that is on the router itself, or on the box from it (as a rule, the MAC address is indicated there and there) On the box from Asus, I found this address, but on the box from Tp-Link, it was not. But, it doesn’t matter, as I already wrote, it is definitely on the router itself.
  • And the second way is to look in the settings of the router itself. Routers have the ability to clone a MAC address. This means that you can specify almost any physical address. So, if you changed the MAC address, then the changed address will be displayed in the settings of the router. It will not coincide with what is indicated on the case of the network device.

Let’s talk about everything in order.

We look at the MAC address on the router case, or on the package

The easiest way: we take our router in hand and look for a sticker on it with various incomprehensible (at first glance) information. Found it? Find something like MAC Address there now. This is what we need. To make it more clear, I show on the example of a router from Tp-Link (TL-MR3220):

And so, the physical address on the case of the Asus router (RT-N13U) looks like:

And so it looks on the package:

MAC address on the D-Link router:

How To Find Out (Where To Look) The Mac Address Of The Router Tp-Link, Asus, D-Link, Tenda

I think I figured out this method. You just need to find the address on the router case.

Where to look at the MAC address in the router settings?

In this method, there is also nothing complicated. Just go to the router settings and see.

Let’s first look at how to do this on the devices of the company. Tp-link.

Everything is as usual, go to settings by typing the address in the address bar of the browser, or Enter the username and password to enter the settings (as a rule, by default admin and admin)

MAC Address is displayed immediately on the main page:

On digging routers Asus, everything is exactly the same. You will see the physical address immediately after entering the control panel:

In the new control panel. "LAN MAC address".

On almost all routers, information on the MAC address is displayed on the main settings page.