How To Fix Speaker Problems In Iphone

How To Fix Speaker Problems In Iphone

With the growing popularity of Apple products, and especially the iPhone, the surge in demand for service centers serving these products became completely logical. Every day, hundreds of users come to phone service salons and complain that only one of the speakers works in the iPhone. All of them are sure that their device has a marriage, and they feel at least cheated, because they paid a considerable amount for the acquisition of the new iPhone 5s. Let’s figure out what are the true causes of such malfunctions, and try to eliminate them without resorting to replacing the entire device.

In most cases, the problem can be solved without buying a new gadget.

Why is the speaker not functioning?

First of all, it should be said that all iPhones, be it 4, 4s, 5 or 5s, have only one speaker. You can find it on the lower end side immediately after the charger connector. It should be noted that next to the input for recharging is another hole, which is a microphone. It is thanks to him that we hear our interlocutors during a telephone conversation.

As for malfunctions, the most common reason that makes the speaker on the iPhone 5s unusable is mechanical damage resulting from bumps or falls of the phone. Such breakdowns lead to costly repairs of individual parts of the device, and in the most extreme cases, the replacement of the entire phone. There are frequent cases when people, without knowing it, reduce the volume of the speakers to the minimum.

The most common causes of breakdowns

Noticing that the speaker on your iPhone is not working correctly or refuses to function at all, try these measures to restore its performance:

How To Fix Speaker Problems In Iphone
  1. If you listened to music through headphones and noticed that the device stopped making sound after you unplugged the accessory, try plugging it in again and then pulling it out sharply. Repeat the procedure several times if necessary. Such violations in the tool may be due to the fact that the iPhone 5s still thinks that there are headphones in it. If, after the actions taken, the speaker still doesn’t work, then you will need to replace the top cable connected to the audio jack.
  2. If after installing extraneous software you began to notice that the loudspeaker is not working well, simply delete the suspicious program. Having cleared the memory of the iPhone 5s from applications incompatible with its software, you will return the settings to their previous state and fix the problem.
  3. There may be problems in the speaker and due to the ingress of dirt and dust into the iPhone. To fix defects, just clean the hole in the tool.
  4. If the speaker works, but does it quietly, examine whether the sound producing element is in order. If he does not cope with his task, most likely you will have to replace him. If the element is OK, check for dirt in the sound channel and clean it.
  5. If the device does not work well, constantly wheezes and emits extraneous noise, it means that it is necessary to replace the entire speaker, no other repair measures in this case will have the necessary effect.
  6. There may be times when sound problems occur due to too much moisture entering the device. Moreover, this does not mean that the phone fell into the water, just a simple accumulation of condensation due to the iPhone 5s being in a place with high humidity. In this case, you must carefully dry the phone and, if this does not solve the problem, replace the damaged parts.

If you cannot independently determine and eliminate the malfunction of the speaker, entrust this matter to professionals in the service center. As a temporary measure, you can well use headphones that will allow you not only to enjoy your favorite music, but also make calls. Such a life hack will not help you out only when using the alarm clock. If you don’t want to get into an embarrassing situation and oversleep a responsible event, noticing a malfunction in your iPhone, hurry to the nearest Apple service center.