How To Flash Android On A Chinese Iphone

How To Flash Android On A Chinese Iphone

IPhone smartphones are rightfully considered one of the most popular in recent years. But not everyone can afford their cost. The inconsistency of high price and popularity did its job, and no less popular Chinese counterparts of the iPhone appeared, outwardly no different from the original. With the increasing demand for copies, the needs of users directly or indirectly associated with these devices, including the possibility of reflash Android on Chinese iPhone at home.

Despite the perfect appearance, the inner shell with functionality is weak and resembles the original only with the interface; the smartphone itself is running Android OS. All working elements of such analogues are of dubious origin. And the software is no exception, in case of failure, the question of flashing will arise and how to do it.

How to reflash a Chinese iPhone yourself

Chinese copies are only available on the Android OS, the shell of which is as close as possible to the iOS design and interface. It is important to know that for a Chinese smartphone, which is an analogue of a specific model from the original line, only a certain version of the firmware corresponds. When choosing a firmware that does not correspond to a specific model, it is highly likely that the smartphone shell will be completely destroyed and the device will be restored only in the service center. For this reason, it’s more correct to ask the question “how to reflash a copy of iPhone 7 plus, 6S or 5, etc.”.

To ensure a full flashing of the smartphone, you will need several of the following utilities:

  1. Archive with system firmware files. Actually, it is the future OS for the smartphone.
  2. Flash Tool It is an interface with a set of functions for flashing.
  3. GO Keyboard or other Russian-language keyboard for a smartphone.

When all files are available, for convenience it is recommended to create a separate folder for storing all utilities. After you should unzip the archive with the firmware files.

Is it possible to reflash a Chinese iPhone from a PC

How To Flash Android On A Chinese Iphone

To start installing the firmware, you must run the previously downloaded Flash Tool (on behalf of the Administrator!) And specify the path to the text sketch file and click the "Open" button.

The next step is to hold down the “Home” button on the smartphone and, without releasing, connect the device to the PC (laptop) using the USB cable, select “Downloads” in the Flash Tool upon completion. If the connection is successful, the program will display three lines: red, purple and yellow. The first line notifies that the "Home" button on the device can be released, and the last indicates the successful process of installing system files on the smartphone.

The overall flashing speed depends on the quality of the shell of the Chinese phone. Upon completion of the process with success, the Flash Tool will open a notification dialog box. You can disconnect the phone and close the utility. A computer is no longer needed.

How to reflash a Chinese iPhone and return settings

Firmware alone is not enough and, for a fully operational interface, you need to change the settings of the smartphone. It is impossible to return the user settings to the firmware and will have to re-configure. The device can be turned on, but you have to wait a bit – the first power-up after firmware is always lengthy. Immediately striking – Chinese characters. This is normal and should not panic, because the manufacturer is Chinese. It is only necessary to set the Russian language in the settings. You can find a menu with a choice of language in several ways:

  1. From memory, if the menu is familiar. After flashing, the settings menu retains its architecture.
  2. Through the Internet, viewing special forums or screenshots.
  3. Focusing on the architecture of the menu of the original iPhone, in which the language change is provided in the settings category "Basic".

In any case, the task is not fatal and changing the language is only a matter of time. And the last procedure, installing a Russian-language keyboard. Not every firmware assembly provides this utility for a smartphone. In the absence of such, the only option to install a comfortable and functional keyboard is to buy on Google Play. To circumvent this nuance, it was required to download the keyboard to the computer in advance. Now the phone can be reconnected to the machine and a full keyboard installed.

This completes the setup procedure, it remains to use only the small functionality (mode, volume, date and time) and the device is completely ready for use. How to reflash a Chinese iPhone is very simple and without complicated measures. The whole process required only a PC with Internet access, several utilities and a little more than one hour of free time.