How To Hide The Number On The Iphone (Iphone)

How To Hide The Number On The Iphone (Iphone)

Sometimes it happens that for one reason or another you need to call somewhere from a hidden number, and users do not know how to do this on their phone model. Due to the great popularity of Apple phones, many people are interested in the question about it and it usually sounds something like this. Is it possible to hide a number on an iPhone phone and how to do it?

We answer. Yes, of course you can, the iPhone has a function to hide the phone number. And how to do this will tell this little instruction.

In order to hide the phone number on the iPhone, just go to the menu to do a few simple actions there.

Open settings

First of all, open the phone settings by clicking on the corresponding icon on the screen with the inscription "Settings".

Find your phone settings

In the menu that opens, scroll down a bit and find the phone settings, i.e. item with title "Phone" and click on it.

Open number display settings

The next thing on the menu "Phone" Find and open the settings for displaying the mobile phone number, i.e. item with title "Show number".

Make the number hidden

And finally, if you want to turn off the function of showing the number on your iPhone, move the slider to the left, as shown in the image below.

How To Hide The Number On The Iphone (Iphone)

If you want to disable the function of hiding the number on the iPhone, slide the slider to the right. Thus, you can both enable and remove the hidden number on your iPhone.

After that, you can call someone and the person on the other side of the handset will see the following picture

Unfortunately, this useful feature of the phone applies only to calls, in SMS messages the number will be shown, as before.

However, it is worth considering that this setting also depends on the mobile operator. For some operators, you will need to additionally activate the AntiAON, SuperAON or similar service, while for others, this function works immediately without additional services. In any case, after hiding the number, it is worth checking the success of your event by calling a friend or another phone.

That’s all, now you know how to make a number hidden on an iPhone in just a few taps on the screen. By the way, you may also be interested in information on how to find out your number on the iPhone, as well as how to see IMEI on the iPhone.