How to Install Windows 7 On Lenovo G50 45

How to install Windows 7 on a Lenovo G50-30 laptop

How to install Windows 7 on a Lenovo G50-30 laptop

Hello everyone, I wrote earlier how to install Windows 8.1 on a Lenovo G50-30 laptop, but they periodically ask me how to install Windows 7. Today I will try to tell my experience in installing this OS. I want to make a reservation right away that before all the installation steps, please update the Lenovo BIOS to the latest firmware.

Preparation for installation

The preparatory phase is updating the BIOS and creating a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 7.

Suppose that you have done all this and can go further. If you do not have a Windows 7 distribution, you can download it from a Yandex disk with all updates up to October 2015, the original MSDN image, verified by many users, was assembled for myself, I don’t boast, but I advise.

BIOS Setup Lenovo G50-30

To get into the Lenovo G50-30 BIOS, you need to press FnF2 or on the left next to the power button, there is a button on the side, clicking it you will bring up such a window. Choose BIOS setup.

In the Windows License, it can be seen that there are no built-in keys. You can also see the lenovo g50 30 specifications.

The first step is to reset the default settings, go to the Exit item and select Load Default Settings.

How to Install Windows 7 On Lenovo G50 45

Now, under OS Optimized Default, select Win7 OS.

How to Install Windows 7 On Lenovo G50 45

Go to Boot, where you should have:

  • Boot mode > Legacy support

How to Install Windows 7 On Lenovo G50 45

The next step will be the Configuration item, where select USB Mode > on USB 2.0, this is done so that you can install Windows 7 64 x in Legacy Support mode.

How to Install Windows 7 On Lenovo G50 45

Again, go to Boot and in Boot Priority > choose Legacy first

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Video: How to Install Windows 7 On Lenovo G50 45

How to Install Windows 7 On Lenovo G50 45

We all save the settings in Exit Saving Changes or press F10.

Next, call the Boot Menu again and select your boot medium, whether it be a bootable USB flash drive or a Zalman virtual CD-ROM, from which you can start installing Windows 7 on the G50-30.

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16 Responses to How to install Windows 7 on a Lenovo G50-30 laptop

I’m trying to install XP on a Lenovo b590. Tell me, how do I install drivers for my hard drive during windows installation? The problem is that when loading from sd, the partition is formatted, the files are copied and everything is not installed further

Thank you very much and very much. It was very helpful.

Thank you)) They helped a lot.

glad to hear that.

On the Lenovo G50-30 beech, the installation of vin7 began when the BIOS set default OS other
When standing Win7 threw blue screen when installing from disk

Is the latest BIOS version?

I do everything as it is written. checked several times. When installing, the blue window of "death" pops up. ((((I don’t understand what to do.

Thank you very much) they helped to figure it out, otherwise we would have taken for 5000 tenge

Dear author, he’s absolutely right: “I want to make a reservation right away that before installing all the firmware, please update the Lenovo BIOS to the latest firmware.” But I was very stupid and demolished the preinstalled Windows 8 before I realized that I had an outdated BIOS code. For reference: I had firmware A7CN44WW, and the latest version on the manufacturer’s website A7CN44WW. Tired of the blue screen 0X000000A5 when trying to install Windows 7, I tried to install Windows 8. to flash the BIOS under it (I remind you that the manufacturer of the flasher does not have DOS for DOS). But I was disappointed. when installing Windows 8 at the stage of language selection, the touchpad and keyboard failed. I solved the problem like this. I downloaded LIVE-CD WIN 7, bootstrapped in half from the DVD drive and launched the flasher. After updating Windows 7 64bit, the original version was installed only when the option “Exit-OS Optimized Defaults-Win8 64bit” was selected in the BIOS settings. Yes Yes. It is Win8 64bit. I installed Windows 7 64bit from a DVD drive and did not use shamanism with USB2.0. Maybe someone will help. Thanks here: staralex))))

latest BIOS version A7CN48WW (apologies for copywriting)

After updating bios, I started installing win 7 x64, the touchpad and usb did not work. I chose a different system in the BIOS and it all worked. Then when the Windows could not boot, I again changed the settings to win 7 in the BIOS and it worked. I put Windows from a bootable flash drive.

It’s not necessary to install Win 7 x64, calmly and without dancing with a tambourine, I installed Win 7 x86, everything is fine, nothing was thrown away. and yes. the board. the blue screen most likely crashes due to Windows assemblies, put the original images.

thanks a lot! all flooded! Be sure to do everything in the specified sequence and enable usb 2.0.

Guys, just in the instructions you need to rearrange the points:
In OS Optimized Default, select Win7 OS
and then select Load Default Settings so that the BIOS resets settings for Win7.
After that, change USB 2.0, save and run the installation.
P.S. Call boot menu FNF12

Yes! Eugene is absolutely right! If there is a violation of the procedure, problems arise! After choosing Win7 OS you need to do Load default settings!

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