How to Log in to Xiaomi Cloud

Mi Cloud is Xiaomi’s proprietary cloud service that allows you to solve many problems associated with limited free space on "hard drive" your smartphone. However, many users periodically have questions related to the use of Mi Cloud. Let’s try to find answers to them, having analyzed the main functionality of the service.

How to Log in to Xiaomi Cloud

Of course, in order to use the service you must have created an Mi-account. You can find Mi Cloud here. At the moment, the service does not support the Russian language, so we will consider the English version.

To enter your account in the service menu, you need to click on the button "Sign in with Mi Account". Interestingly, you can also enter by scanning the QR code, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

When you have entered your data, press the button "Sign in" and you get to the account confirmation menu via SMS to the tied phone number.

Push button "Send", receive an SMS with a confirmation code (valid for one day), enter it and go to the Mi Cloud functional menu.

Your account may need to be updated. Then you will see the inscription on top of the screen "sign in to upgrade your account".

In this case, feel free to click "Sign in", and after a short period of time, your account will be "upgrade" and ready to work with the cloud service Mi Cloud.

The interface is intuitive. a drop-down menu is attached to your nickname, which contains 4 possible actions:

  1. Storage space. change the size of the disk provided by the standard (by default you are given 5 free GB);
  2. Account. allows you to manage your account data;
  3. Forum transition to the global forum;
  4. Sign out. exit.

The main screen in the upper central part indicates how many devices are tied to this Mi-account and how much space is currently occupied on Mi Cloud.

Here lies the answer to one of the frequently asked questions. how to “untie” the device from the Mi Cloud cloud service?
Easy! Click on the list of connected devices and in the menu that opens tap on "Delete device". red button.

The main menu consists of 6 sections and is presented in the form of icons located at the bottom of the screen.

Contacts is a synchronized phone book. It should be noted separately that you can not only export and import contacts, but even restore them (Restore contacts).
Extremely convenient thing!

Messages. everything is clear from one name. This section is responsible for creating and viewing messages.

Gallery. section for your photo and video materials. Just do not forget that deleted photos in the "Gallery" basket also take up space.

NOTES. gives access to the notes you created, with the ability to delete or edit them.

Recordings. section for audio recordings. Important. to use the synchronization must be active!

Find device is the very well-known function of finding an attached device (smartphone or tablet).

On your device, Mi Cloud can be configured by going to the following category: Settings. Mi-account. Mi Cloud.

As you can see, everything is quite simple and clear! Use it!