How To Make Percentage Charge On Iphone X

How To Make Percentage Charge On Iphone X

Let’s look at the settings that will tell you how to put a percentage charge on the iPhone X using the standard iOS functionality.

We make a percentage charge on the iPhone X

Many users of mobile gadgets are accustomed to evaluate the current battery level by an indicator with percentages. Such an indicator should be located in the upper right corner of the screen. A similar opportunity was in all iPhone models.

In the settings, an option was used, after activation of which, along with the battery icon (in the upper right corner of the screen), the charge indicator was displayed as a percentage, which reported how much percent was left in the battery. With the release of the tenth iPhone, this option from the settings just disappeared. Therefore, many users began to wonder how to make a percentage charge on the iPhone X.

It should be noted right away that this is not possible. Apple simply decided to abandon the option that allows you to monitor the battery charge in percent. This feature has been removed from the settings, but there are simply no tricks to turn it on.

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This decision by Apple may be due to the fact that the new iPhone X simply does not have a place to demonstrate the percentage of battery power. At the top of the screen, the ledge eats up a large area of ​​the information panel.

If you are accustomed to focus only on the battery charge in percent, and not on the picture of the battery, then you can go to the “Control Center” menu and see how many percent are left there. While the “Control Center” is running on the screen, the percentage of battery power will be displayed.

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We follow the instructions below to open the control center:

    We touch the upper right corner of the screen where the battery icon is located.

It turns out that to view the percentage of battery charge, these actions will need to be performed each time. The inability to view the percentage charge on the main page of the system for many iPhone owners causes discomfort.

View battery percentage in other new iPhones

On the new iPhone, you can set the percentage of charge as follows: go to the settings and select the "Battery" tab. This section should be located slightly below the "General".

Then, in the "Battery" section, we find the "Charge in percent" switch. You must turn this switch to the "On" position, and in the status bar, along with the battery icon, the percentage of charge will be displayed.

We look at the percentage of battery charge on old iPhone

In older versions of iOS, the “Battery” tab may not be in the settings. In this situation, select the "General" item.

Then select the "Statistics" subsection.

In this menu there is a switch "Charge in percent." If you put it in the "On" position, then next to the battery icon, the percentage of charging will be shown.

If you cannot find the option “Charge in percent”, then you need to use the search in the settings. We enter the search query “Charge in percent” or “Battery”, after which you can find a function that allows you to put the percentage of charge on the iPhone.

The first opportunity to install a percentage indicator next to the battery icon is now available on the iPhone 3GS. In older versions of the gadget, this option only worked after updating iOS to system version 3.0.1. All new models of devices, except for the tenth version, after the iPhone 3GS, were equipped with this function out of the box.