How to Open the Honor 8x Cover

How to insert a SIM card into Honor. a similar question is usually caused by a new approach to the manufacture of smartphone cases. Now in 2019 they are solid, and therefore it is impossible to open the back cover of the phone. Therefore, the usual methods of installing a SIM card are useless, users will have to learn new approaches that are proposed by a Chinese company. Fortunately, they are extremely simple, so no user will encounter any difficulties. over, the updated methods are extremely convenient, since they allow you to do without turning off and restarting the smartphone. The main thing is not to rush with the decisions made so that careless actions do not damage the card or the Huawei gadget itself and do everything right.

How to Open the Honor 8x Cover

What types of sim cards are there?

There are 3 types of SIM cards:

In addition, it should be noted that memory cards (microsd) are also inserted in the SIM card slot, since the manufacturer added two connectors. But when installing microsd will have to sacrifice an additional SIM card.

How to open a SIM card slot with a key on Huawei and Honor?

The appearance of a slot on the side panel posed a challenge for manufacturers. It was necessary to protect the owners of smartphones from sudden openings and loss of the tray. An excellent solution was a special mechanism that reliably holds the slot in place. To extract it, you will need:

  1. Take the special key that comes with the Honor phone.
  2. Insert it into a special hole in the slot (located on the edge of the tray).
  3. Press lightly.
  4. Then the card tray will fall out on its own.

If the key is not nearby, you should use another strong, thin object, for example, a needle or a paper clip. Toothpicks are not recommended, as they can break. As a result, the tip of the toothpick will remain inside the phone, and getting a slot will not be easy.

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How to insert a SIM card into Honor 7a / 8x / 9 Light / 10/10 Light / P20 Light?

Having figured out how to remove the tray, you should understand how to insert a SIM card into a smartphone (Android). To do this, you will need:

  • open the SIM card slot in Huawei;
  • gently remove it;
  • put a SIM card in the connector;
  • put the tray back in place.

It is important to note that sometimes improperly installed SIM cards (installed unevenly) get stuck in the slot. To remove them without damaging the equipment, it is enough to take a thin dense object and carefully insert it into the SIM card slot. Such actions will return the card to the correct position and allow you to replace it.

How to put a SIM card in the connector under the back cover?

In early models of phones there are no special side slots, so their owners will have to use different instructions. To insert a SIM card in Huawei, you have to:

  1. Turn off the smartphone (a shutdown is required because the user has to remove the battery).
  2. Open the phone by gently prying and lifting the back cover.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. Install a SIM card in the slot or replace the previous SIM card with a new one.
  5. Put the battery back in, close the lid and load the smartphone.

The actions taken will be enough for a person to get the opportunity to make calls and visit sites on the Internet.

How to get a SIM card from Honor 10?

The process of removing the SIM card does not differ from the installation, therefore, in order to remove the card from the phone, it is recommended that you re-read the manual presented above. And in the most difficult situations, you should seek help from company employees by leaving an appeal on the official website or by calling the contact number. The answer and detailed instructions on the use of smart technologies (smart) will not be long in coming, after which the applicant will be able to cope with the difficulties encountered. The main thing is to accurately describe the current situation to the responding operator.

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