How To Properly Charge Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet

How To Properly Charge Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet

A small educational program about the batteries used in Huawei devices. Information on how to extend battery life, how to properly charge it. Popular myths about batteries, whether you need to "swing" it after purchase, as well as much more.

All Huawei devices use either Li-ion or Li-pol batteries. Despite the fact that the li-pol type of batteries is to some extent an improved version of li-ion, far from all of this can be said unequivocally.

A lithium-ion battery is one of the most common types of batteries for various household appliances. By the combination of their own weight and size indicators and the ability to save energy, these batteries are one of the best existing solutions.

In addition, this type of battery very slowly loses its charge in the absence of load and does not have the so-called "memory effect".

There are relatively weaknesses in this solution: these batteries are sensitive to mechanical stress, if minimal damage to the integrity of the shell occurs, the battery very quickly becomes unusable.

The first lithium-ion battery was developed in 1991.

The lithium-polymer battery is a newer development, and as a result, in a certain plan, a more advanced analogue of the lithium-ion battery. At the moment, it is also widely distributed in mobile technology and other devices.

Due to the replacement of liquid electrolyte with a polymer membrane and lithium salt, this battery is insensitive to various kinds of deformations. Therefore, the lithium-polymer battery can be of any shape, and not just cylindrical. This property is often used by manufacturers of compact devices to make the most advantageous use of the internal space of the device, which can give an increase of up to 22% in capacity, which means longer battery life (In the case of a comparison of cylindrical and rectangular shapes).

The advantages of this type are also very high: low production cost, high energy density, low discharge without load, the ability to create elements up to 1 millimeter thick, less damage to the environment, as well as relatively low weight.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the inability to produce large discharge currents, a relatively small "memory effect" and also relatively unstable operation at low temperatures.

How to charge your phone or tablet?

All Huawei phones and tablets come with chargers that are selected as efficiently as possible for the battery in the device by current and voltage. If the charger is unusable or another power adapter is required, it is advisable to select it according to the current and voltage characteristics specified in the documentation for the device or on the housing of the charging unit itself.

What is important to consider when using a charger?

Charging the phone from the charger with a lower current and voltage (relative to the rated values) will not lead to damage to the device, but if the battery capacity is large, it will not be able to charge up to 100%.

Charging the device from a charger with a commensurably high current and voltage (relative to the rated values) will not permanently harm the device, but can negatively affect the battery life. So, for example, with a charger of 2 amperes, you can charge a phone designed for storage with a current strength of 1 or 0.7 amperes, but not desirable.

Cheap chargers from unknown manufacturers should be avoided, as they can produce large, smaller, or unstable values, which can lead to a quick battery failure.

Common "myths" about the battery of new devices

1. The first charge should last 12 or more hours.

This statement is not reliable, since, having reached the maximum value in 3-4 hours, the device will turn off the charging circuit and the battery charge will fluctuate within 1-2% of the maximum value before the charging process starts again and this indicator is brought back to one hundred%.

2. It is necessary to “swing” the battery to get more battery life.

This statement is relatively reliable, but not the battery itself “shakes”, even if we take into account a small “memory effect”, but a charge controller that informs the system and the charging circuit of the stored or remaining energy. It starts to work as correctly as possible after 1-2 cycles of full charge-discharge. We can not recommend or recommend you to carry out these actions since with daily use the charge controller will start to work as correctly as possible after 4-5 days of using the device.

3. To extend the maximum battery life, it must always be fully charged and discharged.

This statement is not correct, in addition, a constant deep discharge does not contribute to a long battery life, and the optimal charge range for a long battery life is in the range from 15 to 80%.

What can say that the battery begins to come into an idle state:

The first situation manifests itself as follows: you charge the device, then remove it from charging and after a few minutes the phone or tablet shows that the battery is completely discharged. The geometric shape of the battery then spontaneously increases, or the battery "swollen" without physical impact on it from the side.

The second point: in a relatively frequent period of time (for example: 3 out of 7 days a week) with the same method of use, the device discharges in 2-3 hours, on the other days it works without changes.

Battery saver software on Huawei devices.

On all Huawei devices with Emotion UI 1.6 shell and higher, there is an application that allows users to quickly switch energy profiles depending on whether the goal is to get maximum performance or maximize long-term performance to use the basic functions.

In addition, starting with Emotion UI version 2.3, a critical power saving mode will be introduced, allowing you to use only the basic functions of the device.

In addition, there is an indication of especially active applications that consume the battery as quickly as possible, as well as an autorun manager and notification manager. Using these tools along with the recommendations above, you will ensure the battery of the device as long as possible and maximum operating time.