How To Protect Your Iphone From Hacker Attacks

How To Protect Your Iphone From Hacker Attacks

Every user must protect their iPhone from the possibility of penetration from the outside! Especially now, against the background of breaking news about the stellar iPhone, it’s time to do it. The vulnerability that helped a hacker pull out candid photos from celebrity cloud storages is already closed, however, no one can be sure that hackers will not find a new one. In this article, we will point out ways to maximize the protection of your iPhone.

Important: the installation of maximum security leads to a significant decrease in the usability of the device. Not everyone wants to enter long passwords each time they unlock the iPhone, so do not try to complete all of the following methods. Stay on options that are acceptable to you that won’t be able to greatly burden you in the daily use of your smartphone. Remember that at any time you can cancel the operation.

Set a password on iPhone or start using Touch ID

Before you start talking about specific protection options, consider the simplest. The password on the iPhone will help to save personal data in case of loss or theft of the smartphone, so they do not need to be neglected. If you use iPhone 5s, the situation here is even simpler – use the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which will keep your confidential information as reliable as possible.

You can read more about how to set a password in this article. See also: Five Tips for Using the Touch ID iPhone 5s Fingerprint Sensor

Secure your online activity

Most often, smartphones for ordinary users are hacked thanks to phishing sites, through which attackers gain access to Apple ID accounts. These sites may not differ from the originals, so it’s important to keep track of the URLs of the pages you go to. Take the time to double-check the accuracy of the URL before entering your personal data.

Self-vigilance is important, but iPhone settings are equally important. Special Safari browser settings can help you secure your actions on the Internet – to access them you must go to the menu Settings.> Safari. Here you must activate the Do Not Track function in the "Privacy and Security" section, and also set the "Cookie blocking" as "3rd persons and advertisers". Remember to check the "Attention! Fake site"- he must be active.

Set a strong Apple ID password

Despite all the apparent simplicity – this item is perhaps the most important. The latest hacking of iCloud accounts was carried out with the help of banal brute force brute force. And here the rule works – the more complicated the password is, the longer the hacker will have to crack it. Passwords that are the phone number, car number, year of birth and so on, it is better not to set, even with the addition of various lowercase and capital letters. A strong password must have 10-12 or more characters, have alternating numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase) and should not be associated with information that can be found about you on the Internet. For convenience, you can use password generators such as this one.

How to change Apple ID password?

Step 1. Go to the "My Apple ID" page

Step 2. Select “Office Apple ID»And log in to your account

Step 3. Click “password and safety"

Step 4. In the “Choosing a new password"Click"Change Password".

Step 5. Enter the old password, new password, and confirmation of the new password. When finished, click "Save"

In case you use two-step verification, you will need to send a verification code to a trusted device associated with this Apple ID

Set up two-step verification of Apple ID

And since we are talking about a two-step verification of Apple ID, then it’s time to write more about it. A two-step verification allows you to specify a trusted device to which a four-digit verification code will be sent each time a user tries to log in to the system for management. Without entering this code, which only you will know, an attacker will not be able to continue to manipulate your Apple ID.

How to set two-step verification of Apple ID?

If you follow at least some of this list of recommendations, you can significantly increase the security of your device and the data stored on it. It is important to understand that hackers will try to find new vulnerabilities and try to crack devices from completely unexpected places. Therefore, keep abreast of events – we will definitely supplement the list of instructions on increasing the security of the iPhone on our website.

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