How to Put a Ringtone On a Samsung Alarm Clock

Modern smartphones are a whole complex consisting of communication tools, cameras, games, utilities for payment and many useful applications. One of them is a sound reminder. It will help to get up on time, remind you to take medicine or to meet in advance. The Samsung alarm clock is not highlighted in a separate application, but is part of the “Clock”. This is more convenient. in one place several useful functions are collected at once. We will find out: how to activate the function, where it is located in the Android smartphone, how to put the desired melody and set the volume.

How to set an alarm on a Samsung smartphone

Alarm clock in Samsung performs a number of functions. It can be called a reminder. The reminder is already contained in the standard gadget programs, does not require additional download actions. The functionality is wide, but a number of users note a meager interface, lack of animation and bright colors. If the owner of the Samsung Galaxy has a desire, then for Android you can download any similar utility. Choose through the Play Market.

Where is the alarm clock located?

On the main screen of the smartphone are the numbers of the clock, it can be either an analog or a digital widget. To go to the reminder, you need to tap on the image.

How to Put a Ringtone On a Samsung Alarm Clock

Another way to the Clock application:

  • swipe up from the bottom of the screen, a screen with program icons will appear;
  • select "Clock".

The manufacturer has simplified the user’s transition to reminders, since such a function is one of the most popular among smartphone owners.

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How to set an alarm

Where in the Samsung phone we found out the alarm, now we need to activate the function. After going to “Clock”, a screen will appear, it will be necessary to move the slider to the position at which the bar will turn blue.

Activation completed. To set the time, you need to tap on the numbers and set the indicators in the window that opens:

  • response time;
  • days. you can choose only weekdays or weekends, several days a week or just one;
  • come up with a name. the signal can be configured to prompt the owner to perform certain actions. The name will help you immediately remember what needs to be done;
  • adjust the signal. the standard offers several loud invigorating melodies;
  • shutdown time. the interval at which the signal ceases to sound without user intervention. The functionality is wide, installation of a third-party application is not required. If only, the user does not want to install a more colorful or animated widget;
  • set duplication of digital indicators by voice. This is a convenient feature for those who are very difficult to understand half asleep in the early morning what time is it. Of course, the option is intended primarily for people with vision problems.

Important: the installation process must be completed by saving the changes.

The utility allows you to create several reminders, each of which has its own settings and settings. Adding a new one takes place by pressing the "" item.

How to turn off the Samsung alarm clock

To turn off the reminder function, it is enough to follow the algorithm of actions that the user went through when turning on:

  • Go to the Clock application;
  • select a reminder item that you plan to disable;
  • set the slider to inactive mode (gray color of the bar).

Deactivation does not delete the reminder, puts it in standby mode. To delete. tap on the item and select from the list the item that offers to delete the settings permanently.

How to put a melody on an alarm clock

The melody that should wake up can be bright and invigorating. Some of them are not so perceived by the ear that waking up to their sound is simply impossible. To do this, Android provides the ability to personalize the ringtone. The owner can choose the melody of the Samsung alarm clock for themselves. Algorithm:

  • go to the program according to the scheme described above;
  • tapping a reminder for which you want to set a ringtone;
  • tap the item "Sound";
  • in the melody selection window, find the suitable one of the proposed options, set a custom one. For sound, you can adjust the smoothness and volume;
  • save your settings.

Alarm clock in Samsung smartphone is a standard option located in the Clock application. The range of functions is wide. You can voice time parameters with your voice, set sound melodies, smoothness and mute time, repeats. At the same time, it is possible to create several items with different settings. If the user’s utility does not suit the appearance and functionality, you can install a third-party widget for Android. The Play Market offers a large selection of reminders.