How To Reflash A Nokia Phone Yourself

How To Reflash A Nokia Phone Yourself

To date, there is a lot of software that can solve the issue of how reflash nokia phone at home. You don’t need the Internet or contacting a service center, and the procedure itself is quite simple and takes a little time. The only thing you need for this is to download a program suitable for a specific phone model. For example, in order to reflash the Nokia S40, it will be optimal to use the Phoenix program.

Preparing to reflash your Nokia phone

You should start by downloading the appropriate software (Phoenix Service Software), firmware for a specific model of mobile device, as well as the latest drivers – for example, Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver and Nokia Flashing Cable Driver. In addition, you will need a data cable to the phone and a charger.

Experts also recommend that you take care in advance to remove all utilities and programs related to Nokia from a personal computer, because they may cause errors during the flashing process. To clean the registry, you can use a separate program – for example, Vit Registry Fix. The best option is to install a “clean” version of Windows XP. To speed up the work of the Phoenix program, it is also advisable to disable antivirus software. If the user uses the Windows Vista operating system, he will need to set the compatibility mode with Windows XP (the "Properties" tab).

Following this, you can start installing the drivers in the default folder. To do this, open the “Device Manager” and connect the Nokia phone to the computer using a USB cable (“PC compatibility” or “PC Suite” mode). The dispatcher will help you track the process of installing new devices. If the computer reads 5-6 devices (4-5 for smartphone owners), the name of which has Nokia USB, the installation is correct, and you can safely proceed to the next step – installing the firmware. Following this, the user installs the Phoenix program and connects the phone. An important point: the phone battery must be fully charged. During the installation of Phoenix, it is recommended that you already connect your mobile device along with the charger.

Flashing your Nokia phone yourself

So, how to reflash a nokia phone with Phoenix? The mobile phone connects to the computer and the specified program starts. After that, a USB connection is created: “Connections” → “Settings” → “Add”. In the “Driver” window, select “USB” and click “Scan”. When you click on “Scan” again, a new device appears, after which the user presses “Select” → “OK”.

How To Reflash A Nokia Phone Yourself

After restarting Phoenix select “Connections” → “USB”, and in the program itself – “File” → “Scan Product”. If the scan is correct, the product name is displayed in the status bar. At this stage, it is recommended that you back up photos, contacts, music, messages and any other information from your phone to a memory card or computer.

After that, you can do a flashing. The scheme is as follows: “Scan Product” → “Flashing” → “Firmware Update”. After that, the user selects a “Product Code”. If he is not sure which code he needs, he searches for one whose name is related to the Russian language – for example, “Cyrillic” or “Russian”. Following this, the user clicks “Refurbish” and the flashing process begins. Usually it lasts no more than 7-10 minutes, and most importantly – be patient and don’t touch anything, even if it seems that the equipment is “hanging”. Smartphone owners can flash them offline.

If everything went well, the corresponding message will appear, and the phone itself will automatically turn on. If some other inscription appeared – for example, about errors – this can also mean successful firmware, but with data loss. One way or another, pre-copying information has already solved this problem. It remains to disconnect the USB cable and close the Phoenix program.