How To Reinstall Windows 7 Operating System On Acer Laptop

How To Reinstall Windows 7 Operating System On Acer Laptop

Acer laptops are very popular today. In fact, this is one of the most common laptops among the citizens of our country. This is due to the fact that it has good performance and high quality work. But when buying, not all models come with a preinstalled OS, so you should know how to properly install Windows 7 on Acer.

Installation process

BIOS on Acer laptops is standard, it includes various elements of the UEFI system. For this reason, installing Windows 7 on Acer is a rather difficult task for untrained users. From the very beginning, these same UEFI options must be disabled and after that you can proceed directly to the installation.

First you need to pay attention to the fact that the Acer laptop itself, on which you are going to install the Windows 7 operating system, supports a drive or USB connectors. To do this, you need to go into the BIOS, for which at the very beginning when loading you need to press the F2 key, go to the initial BIOS section (BOOT) and press the F5 and F6 keys (depending on what you will use. a DVD or a USB connector. put a suitable device in a priority place).

After that, go to the “Exit” tab and select “Save”. As soon as this is done, the download of all the necessary information will begin directly from the drive used, and only then from the hard drive of the computer.

Right after that, it remains only to correctly indicate the most suitable edition of Windows 7. For example, if your Acer laptop is 64-bit, then you should install the 64-bit system accordingly. If you see “Press any key to boot from DVD or CD” appearing on your screen, you just need to press any key. this way we accept the agreement to boot from DVD / CD and after that the download starts.

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If the installation for some reason did not start, then most likely this means that you have an outdated version of the laptop and you need to press the F10 key to enter the menu, and then everything is the same as described above. But besides the above actions, it is highly not recommended to do any other, especially if you do not have experience in carrying out this work. This can seriously affect the continued operation of your computer. The most important thing here is that all actions should be performed in accordance with the specified instruction.

As soon as a 100% mark appears on the installation progress indicator, the computer will restart and that’s it. the installation of Windows 7 on the Acer laptop has been completed successfully.

How To Reinstall Windows 7 Operating System On Acer Laptop

Using Utility Utilities

You can still do a little differently using the standard program True Acronis Image. From the very beginning, you simply make an image of the entire C: system drive (in short, all files on the C: drive are packed into an archive), and after that, if necessary, you can simply return the system to its original state. Thus, you not only install Windows 7 on your Acer laptop, but also save the most important files.

However, after installing the system, you will need to manually edit all the basic settings and install the necessary applications. This is necessary so that further work with the Acer laptop is as comfortable as possible.

But if you doubt your abilities, then you can entrust this work to a professional who will help you install 7-ku on your Acer and make the appropriate settings.

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