How To Remove System Applications On Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

How To Remove System Applications On Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

It is known that the Galaxy S4 and other flagships of Samsung have a large number of applications and branded services of the company, many of which are not needed by ordinary users.

If you have Root rights, you can remove or freeze applications that you don’t need, thus cleaning your smartphone of everything unnecessary.

Method number 1. Removing through the file manager.

Placement path for system applications: system / app (any file manager is needed, with support for displaying hidden system files, for example Root Explorer)

To protect yourself, we recommend that you do not delete system files, but simply move them to a memory card or to another directory. Thus, they will not work, and if necessary, you can always return the file you need to its place.

If the files are not deleted or not moved, in the upper right corner of the Root Explorer click on the button R / w (after that it should change to R / o)

Method number 2. Titanium backup

To do this, again, we need ROOT rights and the wonderful utility Titanium Backup.

As already noted, it is better to freeze applications, so that later there is the opportunity to restore them.

How to do this is shown in the screenshots below.

Select the applications that we want to freeze, and click on "a tick".

Method number 3. Special SystemApp Remover Utility

By analogy in the previous method, applications can also be deleted with the special SystemApp Remover program.

Method number 4. Samsung standard interface

This method does not require root privileges, but using it you can disable only some applications. You cannot turn off services and services.

Having selected the application you need and clicking on it, select the "Force stop" item. The application will be frozen.

Which applications can be removed and what this entails. read here.

Important: In the latest Samsung Galaxy models, such as Note 4, Galaxy S5, S6, there are very few "garbage", and the work of applications and processes is quite well optimized. We even conducted an experiment, which confirmed this. Therefore, before uninstalling any system applications, think several times whether it was worth doing it. The results are unlikely to be noticeable, di and if some program interferes, then it can always be turned off using standard Android tools.