How To Remove Unnecessary Android Apps

How To Remove Unnecessary Android Apps

Mobile applications significantly expand the functionality of Android devices. They allow you to play games, work with e-mail, send instant messages, make purchases and perform other actions. But sooner or later, many users face the question – how to remove unnecessary applications on Android? There are several ways to deal with deletion at once, which will be discussed in our review.

Delete via the main menu

Programs that accumulate in memory take up space, slow down the operation of Android devices and consume battery power. Moreover, the expense manifests itself even then (albeit not to the full extent) when the programs are not running. Therefore, unnecessary software must be removed. To do this, you need to look into the Android device and soberly assess the need for the presence of one or another software.

If something has become unnecessary or you use some applications too rarely, you should get rid of these unnecessary. The easiest way to uninstall applications on Android is to go to the main menu of the smartphone. Here we will see many shortcuts of installed Android applications. For to remove an unnecessary program, you need to hold its label with your finger for a few seconds.

A small menu should appear at the top of the screen, in which the “Delete” item (with the basket) will be visible. Without releasing the finger from the shortcut, transfer it to this item, release it and confirm the removal – the application is uninstalled.

After removing a program, you must use the software to clean the Android operating system – uninstalling the software leaves behind a bunch of unnecessary files. This applies to any method of uninstalling programs. A good degree of cleaning is provided by the Clean Master utility.

How else can you erase junk programs on Android from memory? Open the main menu and go to "Settings – Application Manager". Here, in the “Downloaded” tab, you will see all the software that is in the system. In order to proceed with the removal, you need to tap on an unnecessary program with your finger and click on the "Delete" button. After that, unnecessary software will be deleted.

Please note that if you want to clear the internal memory, but do not want to delete applications, move unnecessary software to the memory card – instead of the "Delete" button, click on the "To SD memory card" button (this functionality is not supported by all smartphones and tablets).

Uninstall via Playmarket

The removal process happens like this – select the unnecessary program, click on the "Delete" button and confirm your actions. After a few seconds, the selected program will be deleted.

Are there any advantages to this method over other methods? Absolutely none – all methods have the same mechanism of action.

Remove embedded applications

When buying a new smartphone or tablet, we see various pre-installed software in it – bank clients, toys, instant messengers, etc. There is also a part of basic software such as Youtube, Google Press, Maps, Play Games and much more.

Which applications on Android can be removed, and which are better left? It should be said that it’s not worth removing the basic programs owned by Google – this may lead to a malfunction of the system. Moreover, you simply cannot uninstall these programs.

If you do not want any of this to work, update, waste traffic and battery power, go to "Settings – Application Manager", tap on an unnecessary program, and then click the "Stop" and "Turn off" buttons. The system will display the latest warnings, after which it will remove the software updates and disable the selected programs.

How To Remove Unnecessary Android Apps

Remember that disabling some basic applications may cause a violation of the functionality of the Android operating system.

If you want to remove explicitly third-party software, then you may encounter a lack of the ability to remove – phone manufacturers block their uninstallation. How to remove such software? You have two options:

  • Select a program in the "Application Manager", and then click on the "Stop" and "Turn off" buttons – the application will be stopped and even disappear from the main menu;
  • Get root-rights (superuser rights) and completely clear the phone from unnecessary programs.

The latter method is complicated by the fact that to obtain root-rights you will have to find special software. Also obtaining superuser rights leads to loss of warranty. To avoid losing the warranty, simply disable unnecessary Android applications through the “Device Manager”.

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