How to Replace a Module on an Iphone 5c

The Apple iPhone 5C got into our service without visible external damage to the display. The case of the iPhone 5C, despite the fact that it is plastic, turned out to be very durable and comfortable to hold in your hand, it sits like a glove. In the event of a fall, several minor scratches remained on the case, the protective glass of the iPhone 5C did not break, but the display matrix was damaged: stripes on the screen and a broken backlight. Therefore, the replacement of the iPhone 5C display was required. The iPhone 5C is called an exact copy of the iPhone 5 for hardware, this is not entirely true, there are some nuances in the repair. Before you start the repair, call us: 7 904 607 29 72 or 7 (812) 648 58 47.

How to Replace a Module on an Iphone 5c

In order to replace the iPhone 5c display at the base of the smartphone, two screws need to be unscrewed, the display sucker should be removed from the grooves of the case. In the iPhone 5, it bounces right away, in the iPhone 5C it sits deeper and denser, so carefully, without touching the cables and contacts in the base at the Home button and in the upper right corner, pull the display frame out of the case with the pick. Then you need to unscrew the screws of the protective metal plate, which covers the connectors of the display, wheelbarrow, front camera and speaker.

When repairing, we try to leave the maximum number of original elements with the iPhone. Therefore, we remove the front camera from the removed iPhone 5C display module, along with a speaker and a proximity sensor.

We heat it with a hot air gun at 140 degrees Celsius of the base of the Home button and separate it from the broken display.

We glue the Home button on the new iPhone 5C display, put in place the bundle from the front camera and speaker. After that, we attach the connectors of the display, sensor and camera to the connectors and close the protective plate. We test the operation of the display and the iPhone sensor in a semi-assembled state, after which we complete the assembly.

We replace the display module and tighten the case screws. Repair of the iPhone 5C in most cases is carried out in 40-50 minutes, as the iPhone 5 may have noticed, the screen is replaced by the same algorithm. Contact our service to replace the display of any iPhone model. We will be the first to bring spare parts to St. Petersburg after the presentation of the new iPhone; replacing the iPhone 6 display will be possible from the first days of its appearance on the market. We do all repair work with a six-year guarantee.