How to Replace a Touchscreen on Xiaomi Redmi 4a

Some users of modern devices encounter a problem when the touchscreen does not work well for xiaomi redmi 4x. The cause of this problem may be due to software and system failures. But in most cases, the sensor is buggy due to the failure of individual parts. Service center experts first recommend eliminating the possibility of software problems, and then purchasing a new part.

How to Replace a Touchscreen on Xiaomi Redmi 4a

Possible reasons that the touchscreen does not work on xiaomi redmi 4x

  • departure of the touchscreen loop during the fall of the smartphone or other mechanical damage;
  • oxidation of contacts due to moisture penetration;
  • dirt and dust getting under the tread;
  • small chips on the screen;
  • system failures;
  • problems with the sensor chip;
  • failure of the printed circuit board or its module.

The sensor may fail in different ways. The screen may not respond to touch at the edges or in the center. Touch buttons may fail when the smartphone is lying on a hard surface, or the reaction to touching the display is carried out once.


Try to do a normal reboot of the device. If such manipulation did not help, re-glue the protective glass by cleaning the screen and eliminating air bubbles. There have been cases where the problem lay in commonplace pollution. Be sure to clean the screen with a special antibacterial agent.

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Sensor Calibration Problem

Your next step is to calibrate the screen, which needs to be freed from the protective film. Further:

  1. Enter the engineering menu and create a request: "## 6484 ##"
  2. Select the Touchpanel option.
  3. Swipe the screen as instructed.

If your smartphone still does not respond or weakly responds to touch, most likely, the touchscreen or its cable has become unusable.

Touch buttons do not work when the smartphone is on the table

Many users have noticed that in xiaomi redmi 4x the touch buttons do not work when the device lies on a hard surface. If you insert charging, the sensor is triggered, in all other cases. no. Some people think that this is a built-in function that can’t be disabled, unless you make a device flashing.

Xiaomi redmi 4x sensor triggered in places

Carefully inspect the device for chips and microcracks. Even the slightest scratch can lead to the fact that at the place of its formation the touchscreen begins to fail. In this case, again, a touchscreen replacement will be required.


Remember, maybe recently you accidentally spilled liquid on a smartphone, fell into the rain or dropped a gadget into a puddle. In such situations, oxidation of the contacts, failure of the printed circuit board and its modules are possible. Try to clean the contacts. Failed to fix the problem. replace the damaged component.

Part Replacement

If attempts to restart the OS, reset to factory settings and calibrate the touchscreen are unsuccessful, the part must be replaced. The touchscreen for Xiaomi is sold complete with a display. It is recommended that you purchase an original part that has passed quality testing.

How to Replace a Touchscreen on Xiaomi Redmi 4a

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