How To Replace The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Battery (Do-It-Yourself Replacement)

How To Replace The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Battery (Do-It-Yourself Replacement)


  • Hair dryer (building or household)
  • Phillips screwdriver 1.5 mm
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Sucker
  • Plastic opening tool
  • Guitar pick
  • Tweezers
  • Adhesive cleavage agent (adhesive remover or Antikley)
  • Adhesive for repairing mobile devices
  • Double-sided tape for battery installation
  • How To Replace The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Battery (Do-It-Yourself Replacement)

Spare parts

If service does not suit you to replace the battery Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, then with this instruction you can install the battery on your own by disassembling and assembling your own hands without special knowledge. However, the procedure is long and complicated due to the abundant use of glue by the manufacturer, you will need a sufficient supply of time and a little more tools than for other smartphones.

With a step-by-step guide, I managed to replace the battery. in all versions smartphones line Galaxy S9: SC-03K, SGH-N943,, SM-G9650 / DS, SM-G965F, SM-G965F / DS, SM-G965J, SM-G965N, SM-G965U, SM-G965U1, SM-G965W. If you need instructions for the basic version of the Samsung Galaxy S9 (without Plus in the title), then see it here.

Step 1

Disconnect Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, prepare the place and the device itself for the disassembly procedure, remove the SIM card.
Before disassembling, make sure that you have a tight seal for smartphones, with which you can restore the waterproof properties of the device during assembly.
Remember that under the cover there are very tightly placed electronic components and wiring, which are vulnerable to the careless movements of the tool used to open the tool.

Step 2

Heat the back of the smartphone with a hairdryer until the adhesive base under the cover softens.
At this stage, some masters use a glue remover ("Antiklay"), which is very effective in coping with an abundance of adhesive layer.

Step 3

Place the suction cup vertically and horizontally in the lower third of the lid.
Pull off the cover with glue softened after exposure to the hair dryer.
Pick up the cover with the mediator and smoothly glide, without going too far, separate the cover from the body.
Open the cover slightly and on the right side you will see a loop connected to the system board. disconnect it.

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Step 4

After disconnecting the loop cable, carefully separate it from the case, being careful not to break the airtight layer (so as not to restore it at all during assembly, or by minimal intervention).
Unscrew all 15 screws from the plastic inner frame with a screwdriver.
Remove the two-piece frame (base with NFC antenna and bottom with speaker).
Please note that there are contact areas on it. check during assembly that dust or dirt has not got on these contacts.

Step 5

Disconnect the battery power cable from the system board with tweezers.
Use glue remover or a heat gun to soften the adhesive under the battery.
Gradually push out the battery case with a strong plastic tool and add glue remover or additionally apply heat.
This is a very time-consuming and slow phase, but soon the efforts will reward you and allow you to remove the battery from the phone without damage.


After replacing the battery Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and its installation on double-sided adhesive tape, assemble the smartphone in the reverse order of applying the adhesive, where it is provided by the manufacturer. Remember to check the integrity of the factory sealant on the cover. If damaged, apply a repair coat of commercially available sealant for mobile devices.

Attention! Dispose of the battery according to the regulations in your area.

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