How To Set Up A Wifi Router Step By Step Instructions

How To Set Up A Wifi Router Step By Step Instructions

Today I want to tell how to configure a wifi router, because, you see, nowadays, nowhere without it is impossible. The most convenient way to connect to the Internet is WiFi. Wireless connection gives not only freedom of action, but also fast high-quality Internet access. If you install a good WiFi router, you will not be disturbed by any problems with the Internet.

How to set up a WiFi router: the first preparatory stage

After the choice is made and you have purchased a WiFi router, we will deal with its connection. If everything is done correctly, following the instructions, it will take very little time, no more than half an hour.

Check immediately if you have everything you need. To connect you will need: a network cable-patch cord, of course, the router itself, a computer or laptop with a WiFi module and an Internet network cable from the provider.

You need to connect an Internet cable to the “WAN” port on your router. Now your WiFi router needs to be connected to a laptop or computer for its first setup. For this, you will need a cable-patch cord (network), which usually comes with a router.

Now you need to configure the router to automatically receive data. To do this, configure the network card. In the "local area connection", select Information, then look for the IP address of your router, which is indicated on the router itself or in its documents.

If the network cable is correctly and securely connected, the router is connected to the network, then the connection to the computer must be successful. If the WiFi router’s address is not displayed or is marked with a yellow exclamation mark (or a red X), then you should check all the connections, maybe the computer just does not have access to the data.

The operation of the WiFi router can be configured to distribute IP addresses automatically or so that IP is specified. Now we go into any browser convenient for you and enter the IP address of the WiFi router in the search bar. So you get into the admin panel. And preferably, it is better for every WiFi router, immediately update the firmware.

How to set up a WiFi router using a general example

We start flashing your new router from this path:

Then select the WAN tab. If the WiFi router is configured to work automatically, then you need to enable the DHCP service in the router settings. If you don’t know what type of connection is used by your provider, we go to Network Connections and look at the specified type and select it in the settings.

Further, everything is configured by such a system:

How To Set Up A Wifi Router Step By Step Instructions

If everything is done correctly, you need to configure a WiFi network. Select the “Wireless” tab, and immediately the additional “Basic” tab. Now we begin to fill in the fields. First, put a dot on the "Enabled" field.

After that, enter the network name in the string "SSID". Leave “auto” in the Channel line. Wireless Mode also leave “auto” or you can select N. Do not forget to click Apply, go to the Security settings.

In the Authentication Method line, select WPA2-Personal or WPA2. Passphase is your password, which also needs to be repeated. Design it in such a way that it is difficult to crack, but so that you do not forget it. All this should look something like this:

After all these operations, do not forget to change the password in the administration panel.

Of course, for a beginner, this entire connection procedure, all these words, may seem to be too complicated work, which is unlikely to be possible for you. But a little patience and effort and everything will work out.

If you carefully study the procedure, delve into the matter, you are sure to figure it out. Have a good connection!