How To Set Up A Wifi Router Xiaomi Router 3

How To Set Up A Wifi Router Xiaomi Router 3

Advantages and main characteristics of the router

The device is equipped with an MT7620 processor with a frequency indicator of 580 MHz. The Xiaomi router provides 128 MB of RAM and 128 MB of internal memory. There are two wireless radio units. The first at 2.4 GHz and speeds up to 300 Mb / s, and the second at 5 GHz with the ability to connect up to 867 Mb / s. Cables to the router are connected to the WAN port and two LAN inputs, the speed of each reaches 100 Mb / s. In addition, there is a USB 2.0 connector.

The strength of the model is its belonging to a very affordable price range. At the same time, the device can be safely called balanced, which cannot but attract attention. Also a plus has become a radio unit operating at a frequency of 5 GHz. Of course, speeds up to 867 Mb / s are not always needed. But having a device with these capabilities is nice.

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 router at work

The processor resource allows the router to work without problems. The device keeps communication stable, no drawdowns are noticed. If the firmware is installed optimally, then the performance will not be satisfactory. You also need to properly configure the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 router, but more on that later. The tests performed showed that the router reached 90 Mb / s when working in IPoE and PPPoE modes. This, if we talk about one-way transmission, but in full-duplex modes, the device behaves very worthily. Impressive performance was the result of using a good hardware accelerator embedded in the chip.

In using the L2TP and PPTP modes, the Xiaomi router has difficulties, the speed level decently decreases. It can be seen that they are poorly optimized, but this does not particularly upset, because these modes are not so common. For full operation, the PPPoE and IPoE modes are enough. Via VPN, data is downloaded from the World Wide Web and local network from your provider. In this case, the speed does not decrease, it even increases in certain scenarios. As you can see, the parameters are very good for the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 3, how to configure it, we’ll talk further.

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 router setup

The main difficulty in connecting and setting up the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 router is the inscriptions in Chinese. However, this cannot be called an obstacle to connecting the device for future use. For those who do not understand how to configure the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 router in Russian, you can recommend various services, for example, Google Translate. After all, the configuration is carried out online. Thus, to enter the necessary settings is not difficult, because everything is clear. In addition, you can immediately update the firmware to the latest version, if one is offered, this is an additional advantage of the settings in online mode. However, not all users know how to connect the Xiaomi router to the Web. To do this, you need to make considerable efforts to familiarize yourself with the interface that the device is equipped with. It is important to follow the sequence of actions correctly. Then it will not take a lot of time to configure the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 router, step-by-step instructions will help you in this matter.

We go to the resource, it will act as an interface. The start of setting up the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router has been laid. We enter the necessary data in the appropriate fields, they include the passwords of the admin panel, as well as your Wi-Fi. After these steps, the automatic configuration of the router will start. It will reboot, after which the message that installation is complete will be displayed.

But before you configure Xiaomi Router 3 completely, you need to connect again. The same passwords are used this time. We get access to the control panel, now four tabs appear to our eyes – memory, routing status, general and additional settings. First, we need the general settings section, here all the available fields are filled. This will enable the router to connect to the Internet.

The remaining tabs will not be redundant either. With their help, a software update is carried out, the VPN is turned on and off, backups are made and much more. So the answer to the question is given: how to configure the Xiaomi 3 router. But if you have not encountered all this before, at first you should not touch the tabs that are not related to the general settings. It’s better to understand everything well, the connected options can lead to a significant reduction in speed frames.

What is an alternative firmware?

It is recommended to use the standard software, but many are interested in how to configure the Xiaomi router using alternative firmware. For example, you can use the version for developers, which opens the embedded operating system to the user. Due to this, functionality is expanded, performance and stability are increased, as well as the level of speed. Alas, in finished form, such firmware can not be found. However, you can use available open source sources for your purposes to create a prototype firmware that will be customized to your preferences. You need to work hard to get the treasured benefits, such as support for PPTP and L2TP modes, Russian and English languages, an increase in the number of USB devices connected and more.

However, it is better to contact specialists, since independent actions can lead to a complete stop of the router. Also, unqualified intervention in the settings is fraught with loss of service control remotely, options related to mobile devices may become inaccessible.

Work with Mi Wi-Fi

Many have heard of a device like Mi Wi-Fi. It, in fact, duplicates the work of the main device, that is, the router. Although there is a different opinion about this gadget. Some consider it a repeater, while others consider it an accelerator of Wi-Fi signal. If you use it in conjunction with a router, the coverage area will expand significantly. The price of Mi Wi-Fi is about $ 8, it is extremely convenient to use due to its compact size. To understand how to connect the Xiaomi Router 3 router with this gadget to the Internet, you do not need special knowledge, everything is quite simple. With the simultaneous operation of two devices, the signal will become more stable or appear where it was not at all. But you should not get carried away with the excessive work of the router along with Mi Wi-Fi, although this gives some positive results. This may adversely affect the overall connection speed.


This device from a well-known Chinese manufacturer rightfully takes place among the best routers in the middle price category. And it’s not difficult to figure out how to configure the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router, the router turned out to be simple and efficient in operation. A tempting price tag, solid technical component along with reliability make it very interesting in the eyes of the buyer. Xiaomi is able to do well not only smartphones, other products are also worthy of attention.