How To Set Up Wi-Fi On Asus Rt-N56u

How To Set Up Wi-Fi On Asus Rt-N56u
Step-by-step instruction:

In order to configure Wi-Fi on ASUS RT-N56U, You need to do the following:

  1. Log in to the control system by typing in the browser the IP address of the router:
  2. Enter the username and password (if you did not change it, then both of these values ​​are by default. admin) and click on "OK":
  3. On the left we find the menu in which we select the item "Additional settings", and in it a subparagraph "Wireless":
  4. Go to the tab "General" and change the name of the access point RT-N56U with "Asus": at some, at your discretion. Please note that using some devices connected via Wi-Fi (tablets, phones, etc.), they refuse to connect because the name of the access point begins with a capital letter. That is why I prefer to call them capitalized.
  5. So, we changed the name, now we configure the connection security (this is a very correct step, since it is unreasonable to let your Internet use your neighbors or evil people). Click on item "Authentication method": and set the method "WPA2-Personal". This method is quite resistant to hacking attempts, especially if we specify a password (WPA pre-shared key) more complicated: Please note! The password you specified in this step will be the password for accessing Wi-Fi of your router.
  6. Finish setting up Wi-Fi on the RT-N56U by pressing a button "To apply":
  7. Now that everything is ready, we do a search for wireless networks and make sure that our router appears in the list. We are trying to connect by clicking on the network name and on "To plug":
  8. We enter the password twice that we set in step 5 (the WPA pre-shared key): A few seconds will pass and we will see that we successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network we created.
How To Set Up Wi-Fi On Asus Rt-N56u

As you can see Wi-Fi setup on ASUS RT-N56U It does not present any great difficulty for us, and we successfully coped with it.

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