How To Set Up Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 3 Router

How To Set Up Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 3 Router

To increase data transfer speeds, special devices are intended – Mi Wi-Fi 3 routers, which are offered by the famous Chinese brand Xiaomi. The company’s products are characterized not only by impeccable quality and excellent functionality, but also by huge opportunities. We will talk about what Xiaomi routers can do and how to configure them correctly, in our article.

Technical features of Mi Wi-Fi Router 3

An impressive hardware filling is hidden inside the device, due to which it is possible to ensure uninterrupted operation of the information transfer process. When using the IPoE and PPPoE protocols, the gadget produces solid speed performance – as much as 90 megabytes per second. This was made possible by installing a hardware accelerator, which is equipped with an MT7620A chip with a frequency of 580 MHz.

When switching to L2TP and PPTP modes, the speed will be slightly lower. However, this does not play a significant role, since these modes are rarely used.

When connecting via VPN, you can use Wai-Fi and the local network provided by the provider at excellent speeds. Numerous tests have demonstrated that there is no drop in speed performance under such operating conditions.

The device has two wireless type radio units. The first, according to the manufacturer, operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz (up to 300 Mb / s), and the second – at 5 GHz (857 Mb / s). They allow you to increase the number of streams from 1 to 8, while maintaining a good total speed – up to 160 Mb / s.

Setup Instructions

In our article, we will consider how to properly connect and configure not only the third version of the router, but also models such as Mi Wi-Fi Router 3c and Mi Wi-Fi Router 3 ac 1200.

First you need to go to the resource (its interface is presented in Chinese, so you should use the online translator) or use the Play Market services for downloading the Mi Wi-Fi application (it is Russified).

If you decide to choose the first option, then in the upper menu on the left you will find the "Download" button. Click on it, after which the process of saving the application begins.

Then you need to enter the necessary data, which includes passwords for home Wi-Fi and the admin panel. After that, you will only have to wait a bit, since the product will carry out tuning activities in automatic mode. When they are completed, a corresponding message appears on the display with information that the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Router 3 is expected to reboot.

Upon completion of this process, a multi-tab control panel will become available to you. Here you will find a tab with the status of the gadget, the state of its memory, additional and general settings. We need a tab under the third number, which provides access to the general settings of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3c router. It requires filling in all available fields, so that in the future the device will automatically connect to the network.

Also in the tabs you can:

  • Add and edit black and white lists;
  • Set ranges for IP addresses;
  • Update firmware to the current version;
  • Create a backup;
  • Activate / deactivate VPN services.

Please note that changing the QoS indicator (this is smart speed) is not recommended, since the speed limits of the device can significantly decrease.

Alternative firmware: is it worth it to install?

To increase the technical capabilities of the Mi Wi-Fi Router 3 router, you can try installing an alternative version. You won’t be able to find it in the finished version, so you will have to work hard to create an open source code. This allows you to recreate the prototype shell in order to maximize the functionality of the device for your own needs.

Advantages of installing alternative firmware:

  • Improving the performance of the gadget;
  • Increase in speed limits;
  • Work stability;
  • The ability to make the changes you need;
  • Support PPTP / L2TP;
  • The choice of English or Russian interface;
  • Script editing in order to create key events.

Disadvantages of an alternative type of shell:

  • It is not always possible to achieve the desired result, i.e. Not all necessary functions may become available.
  • There is a possibility of complete inoperability of the device and the need to restore information from flash memory;
  • Remote service control may be interrupted when interacting with mobile phones.

Mi Wi-Fi Signal Booster: Is collaboration possible?

Yes, of course, if you want to significantly increase the existing coverage area, as well as ensure the stability of signal reception. This is a great option for use in urban environments, especially where there is a large concentration of wireless networks.

The only condition is that you should not simultaneously use the signal amplifier and the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 ac 1200 router at the same time. This is due to the fact that speed indicators can significantly decrease.