How To Set Up Xiaomi Router

How To Set Up Xiaomi Router

Video: Configuring and reviewing the Xiaomi MI Mini router

Xiaomi’s router is quite popular among users, due to its good technical characteristics and affordable price. How to make settings on this device, we will describe in this article.

These beautiful and functional devices, having two ranges for WiFi networks and powerful antennas, can be configured not only using the web interface, but also from a specially designed mobile application.

Xiaomi router setup (Mini, WiFi Mi Router3, Mi WiFi Nano)

First, connect the device using the power cable and cable from the provider to the appropriate connectors, as in the picture below.

Method number 1. on a PC (laptop)

  • We connect a laptop or home computer to the router via WiFi or via cable. Next, go to the IP address 168.31.1 either to the manufacturer’s host On the first page in "Quick Settings Wizard" press the enter button. For convenience, we recommend using the online translation of the page.
  • Next, set the username and password to protect our network.
  • A window will appear with a notification about the creation of two WiFi networks at frequencies of 2.4 and 5G, then the device will reboot.

Important: As a rule, the router is configured automatically if your connection type is Dynamic IP (DHCP). If not, then read on. Also, if you encounter difficulties or errors in the settings, contact the Xiaomi service center specialists.

  • After rebooting the equipment in the list of found WiFi networks, select with the desired name and connect using the specified password.
  • Next, go back to the site and with the same password go to settings.
  • All configuration data must be clarified with the provider, therefore, we recommend that you contact the technical support service and do all further operations with them. Also, these parameters should be spelled out in the contract for the supply of Internet services.
  • If your connection type is PPPoE, select the icon as in the figure below and set the desired values.
  • The Mac address is written on the same page in the window below.

Method number 2. using the application

This option is alternative to the first and easier to manage.

  • To get started, download the MIWIFI ROUTER0 mobile application on the market.
  • We connect the smartphone to the router, find the Xiaomi WiFi network, indicate the geolocation, press NEXT and set the login and password.
  • If your connection is not via DHCP, then most likely you will have to add subtle settings, also according to the data from your provider.