How To Shoot Professional-Quality Videos On Iphone Tips And Tricks

How To Shoot Professional-Quality Videos On Iphone Tips And Tricks

Apple’s smartphones use 8-megapixel cameras. The resolution is not very high, but thanks to thoughtful image processing algorithms, the result is better than most competing solutions. Using iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 5c or 5s you can get a picture in Full HD resolution, not inferior in quality to amateur cameras.

Journalists and bloggers often shoot stories on the iPhone, which are not ashamed to show on the air or upload to YouTube. Some directors even shoot short films on the iPhone. Resource Hitech.vesti offered some tips to get good quality video from your portable gadget.


The standard camera application in iOS 7 version copes with its tasks. Nevertheless, many mobile shooting professionals prefer to use third-party programs that have additional interesting color “toys”, special effects and the ability to manually adjust the image.


The “Camera” application of the new iPhone 5s has a cool feature that allows you to shoot slow-motion videos. The new feature has created a real trend. But the owners of the still quite relevant iPhone 5 lack it. Apparently, Apple wanted to give them an additional incentive to buy a new model. However, iPhone 5 owners can also shoot cool slow motion videos by downloading the SlowCam app.

The program allows you to enable Slow motion mode at any time during shooting. In this case, the camera will continue to record what is happening, however, already at a speed of 60 or 120 frames per second. Later, when playing at a standard speed of 30 frames per second, an amazing slowdown effect will be created.

The application can be downloaded from the App Store for 66 rubles

Filmic pro

This is one of the most functional and convenient iOS-applications for shooting video. The program features are very wide. there are autofocus, zoom, value lock, manual exposure adjustment with the help of sliders, manual focus. You can set the frame rate (from 30 to 1 frames per second). Focus lock is activated very simply. just hold your finger on the desired part of the screen for 2 seconds. The program picks up non-standard videos shot using external lenses for the iPhone. The resulting videos can be quickly uploaded to Dropbox, uploaded via an FTP server, uploaded to YouTube or on social networks.

Especially note that, despite the abundance of features, the interface of the application is simple and straightforward. Even a complete beginner, who has practically no idea about video shooting, can figure out what’s what. What is important, the program starts quickly.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store for 5.

Action movie

Great program for creating special effects. The application can superimpose explosions on the video just like in action movies. At the same time, they look quite realistic, filmmakers from the eighties or even nineties would envy you with black envy. You can add, for example, a falling car, a rocket explosion, a torpedo, a spaceship arrival, a giant spider attack, a tornado, a falling helicopter, and much more.

The app is free. It is monetized through the sale of additional effects. However, there are quite a lot of free ones. The program can be downloaded from the App Store.

Movie 360

A simple app with good Instagram-style video effects. Having superimposed them, you can get the effect of a vintage camera, experiment with different color schemes of the frame. There is a convenient zoom, the ability to pause shooting without starting a new movie. The application is very simple and enjoyable.

The program can be downloaded from the App Store for 5.


Great application for shooting Time-Lapse video. If you like the effects of slowdown and time lapse, you need to download Framographer. The application is very simple, it does not require any special skills, you can figure it out in a few minutes, but the result is amazing.

Using a special switch, you can select the shooting mode, the picture can be aligned on a grid, it is possible to use the front camera and the flash. In Capture Mode, you can evaluate frame overlays.

The time-lapse interval can be set as desired. You can independently set the frame rate per second, the duration of the loop. The effect can be evaluated on the video.

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This application allows you to shoot videos with the effects of an eight-millimeter camera. Thus, you can easily style your shooting in the color scheme of various retro cameras. The effects are very interesting and sophisticated.

There are really many virtual filters and lenses, you can play with them for a long time and productively. Of course, similar effects can be achieved in a professional video editor, but it is more difficult, longer and requires certain knowledge.

The application can be downloaded from the App Store for 33 rubles.


The program can shoot video in a horizontal orientation, even if you hold the smartphone vertically or even at an angle.

The application uses a gyroscope in order to understand what position the device is currently in. During the shooting process, the camera can be moved from vertical to horizontal mode, and this will not affect the result. The program allows you to change the shooting resolution at any time. Video can be in 1080p (16: 9), in 720p (16: 9), or square in 640 x 640 or 480 x 480.

In the settings menu, you can select the video quality, resolution and placement of clips (in the application itself or in the “Photo”). There are also eight filters that can be applied to your creations. The resulting video can be shared on social networks or using AirDrop. To get the most clear idea of ​​how to use the program’s capabilities, a video from developers will help:

Of course, this application is not a panacea. When you shoot while holding your smartphone vetically, only a small part of the image from the sensor is recorded in the video, as if using digital zoom. Therefore, firstly, much fewer objects fall into the frame (the “angle of view” becomes narrower), and secondly, the real resolution of the picture is reduced. In addition, if you rotate the smartphone while shooting, the picture twitches. Finally, the Horizon camera cannot be accessed as quickly as the regular photo-video application from the lock screen.

The program is compatible with iPhone 4S and higher, as well as iPad 2 and higher. True, shooting on 4S and iPad 2 is possible only in resolutions up to 640 by 480. Horizon can be downloaded from the App Store for 33 rubles (per share). The developer promises to soon raise the price to 66 rubles.

There are a lot of cool applications for shooting video. Many of them are very similar to each other. The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg; further study will have to be done independently. However, for the first time the above applications will be enough.


After you have shot your brilliant clips, they must be mounted. This is usually done on a desktop computer in Final Cut, Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas. However, it often happens that there’s neither time nor opportunity to upload videos to a computer. In this case, the basic installation can be performed directly on the phone, after which the video can be uploaded to YouTube or social networks. The best option for easy installation is iMovie.

Most importantly, mounting in iMovie is very easy. It won’t take long to figure it out. You can add video, audio and photos from the device’s library to the installation line. You can drag “pieces” along the assembly line with your fingers. Audio or video can be recorded directly in the chronology of the project.

There are many prepared audio effects, there are many topics, special mode for creating trailers. In order to quickly cut and glue the roller, iMovie fits perfectly.

For all new iPhone buyers, the app is free. Those who bought their devices before the release of iOS 7 will have to purchase the program for 169 rubles.


The best results when shooting video on the iPhone can be achieved using additional accessories. The most necessary of them is a mini tripod (after all, hands are trembling not only among alcoholics, but, given the light weight of the phone, shaking during shooting will be especially noticeable).

Glif tripod mount & Stand


The iPhone does not shoot well in the dark, even with the flash on. In order to have more light, you can use iFlash. a simple illuminator that connects to a 3.5 mm jack. The device does not have its own battery, it is powered by the iPhone and therefore reduces the battery life of the smartphone.

The cost of the gadget ranges from 12-15 dollars.


Also for iPhones you can purchase a set of removable lenses that will significantly improve image quality (of course, not unlimited, because what kind of optics you can’t screw on to the camera, and the matrix will remain smart, still small). Olloclip lenses look interesting. This is a miniature system of three lenses. a macro lens, a wide angle and a “telephoto”, which are conveniently mounted on the iPhone and can significantly expand the shooting possibilities.

The price of the gadget starts at 70.

The microphone in the iPhone is good and sensitive, however, for a truly professional sound quality, you will have to connect an external recording device to the iPhone. In principle, if you do not want to spend money on buying a full-fledged microphone, you can use a wireless (or even, at worst, wired) headset, putting it with the microphone closer to the sound-producing object. For example, a headset can be thrust into the breast pocket of a person speaking in the frame.

There are a lot of options for various mini tripods and they do not differ very much. Some of them fit easily into your pocket. Choose the most convenient for you, depending on what tasks you are facing. For example, for a smooth, unhurried shooting, a small trolley with a Mobislyder Gildetrack mount is great, for a dynamic shooting. iPhone Steadicam and so on.

A roomy removable battery is also useful. The iPhone battery is not designed for long shooting, it can provide only 2.5-3 hours. If you need longer, the gadget will have to be recharged periodically.

And, finally, wireless storage will be useful, where you can quickly throw off the footage. For example, Seagate Wireless Plus. The iPhone’s camera shoots very “heavy” videos, so it’s possible to fill the device’s memory very quickly (especially if your iPhone has only 16 gigabytes). Alternatively, you can carry a small laptop with you to quickly drop material there. it will also provide USB charging.


So, we come to the most important thing. to advice on shooting. In order to shoot an excellent video on the iPhone, you first need to remember a few fairly simple rules.

  1. Never shoot vertical videos if you intend to watch it anywhere other than your phone. Never point.
  2. When building a frame, activate the grid and think over the exposure, remembering the rule of “third” or the golden ratio. It’s not very interesting to look at the frame where the main object is located exactly in the middle. It is better that it is at the intersection of lines conditionally dividing the frame into thirds vertically and horizontally.
  3. Never remove people’s faces from below. The ideal position is from the eye level, girls can be shot a little from above to make them seem more attractive. Do not always try to put the figure of a person in the center of the frame (see above).
  4. Never make long videos. Break them into pieces. It will be much easier to find the right moment there. over, such videos are easier to handle, if only because your device will be less “thought” during installation.
  5. Always focus on the subject. In the standard “Camera” application, for this, just tap on it on the screen. Make sure that he does not go out of focus. Autofocus can not always guess what exactly you want to focus on.
  6. If you are shooting without a tripod, do not stretch out your arms. Move them closer to your chest, and press your elbows to your torso. Otherwise, you will have to rely on digital image stabilization in the video editor, but its possibilities are far from unlimited.
  7. Be careful not to block the microphone with your hand. This often happens and spoils classy videos.
  8. The more light, the better. You can use the backlight even in the daytime.
  9. If possible, do not use digital zoom while shooting. During processing, an increase can always be added, and so the quality of the clip will initially be lower than possible.