How to Stick Glass on Huawei P10 Lite

The phone screen is constantly at risk, therefore, needs reliable protection. The best way to protect the display from mechanical damage is to stick glass on the phone.

How to Stick Glass on Huawei P10 Lite

You can do this at home, if you adopt the following instructions:

  1. If the smartphone has a worn protective glass, it must be removed. Use thin plastic objects such as a pick or a credit card. Locate the least damaged edge near the glass, gently pry it, and then insert the plastic into the resulting gap. Slowly move the makeshift paddle toward the center of the screen until the accessory is completely disconnected from the display.
  2. Clean the screen with a damp and lint-free cloth, otherwise dust and lint will be visible after gluing, which is not very aesthetically pleasing.

Cleaning with a damp cloth

Cleaning with a lint-free cloth

Additionally, go around the screen with a sticker to remove dust. Make sure the display is clean of dust, dirt, fingerprints.

Dust sticker

  • Remove the protective film and backing from the back of the glass, and then gently place the accessory on the screen. When aligning, focus on the edges and openings of the device.
  • Smooth the glass until the air bubbles disappear completely. If the bubbles still remain, carefully lift the edge of the glass closest to them, release the air and glue it back.
  • Video: How to Stick Glass on Huawei P10 Lite

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    Is it possible to stick the glass again if the first time it did not work out?

    For the first time, gluing a protective glass onto a smartphone is exciting. In reality, nothing bad will happen if you do it yourself. Even if you fail to do this from the first, you can try again. The main thing is to do this as quickly as possible until the protective accessory is strongly stuck.

    Carefully pry one of the edges of the glass and insert a piece of thin plastic into the resulting gap. Move the pick or card under the accessory until you remove it. Do not rush, act very carefully. Then make sure that there is no dust or lint on the adhesive side or on the display. Treat the sticky side with a sticker to remove dust, and the screen with alcohol wipes. Next, repeat the sticking.

    How to glue 3D glass

    3D glasses differ from 2D in that they exactly repeat the geometry of the front panel of the device, due to which they are curved. By and large, they are glued in the same way as ordinary glasses. However, much attention should be paid to centering. If you expose the accessory unevenly, then it simply will not stick in certain places.

    What causes bubbles to form and how to glue glass without bubbles

    Bubbles under a protective glass is a common problem. In fact, these are particles of air trapped in a trap. There are two reasons for their occurrence:

    • the phone’s screen was not properly cleaned of dust and grease stains;
    • The accessory was not glued correctly.

    To avoid bubbles, just follow our instructions. First read how to glue the glass, and then proceed directly to gluing. It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you have, and on iPhone, on Honor, and on any other devices, protective accessories are glued the same way. All that matters is the appearance of the glass itself: 2D or 3D.

    Brand Case Case packaging

    And finally. we finally completed the development of branded packaging for safety glasses!

    Some facts about our cool packaging:

    • dense soft touch coverage;
    • branded design;
    • reliable protection upon delivery;
    • detailed installation instructions on the back of the package.

    Case Place set: protective glass, wet wipe, lint-free cloth, dust removal sticker

    A set for sticking is included: a wet and lint-free cloth, a sticker for removing dust.

    All this will help you to easily and beautifully stick our safety glasses!