How to Take Quality Photos on iPhone 6

Every day is an opportunity for discoveries, and not only in the world around us, but also in ourselves. You can discover hidden talents or engage in a new hobby. The iPhone is also able to awaken the beautiful in us and, at least, serve as a tool for creating great photos. Let’s take a look at 10 simple tips on how to take photos on your iPhone even better.

Use the camera icon on the locked screen

If an unusual picture comes into your field of view that needs to be removed as quickly as possible, click on the camera icon on the locked screen and swipe up. You will quickly be transported to a standard application that allows you to capture what you see.

How to Take Quality Photos on iPhone 6

Experiment with third-party applications

On the pages of MacRadar we constantly talk about various third-party photo applications. In them you can experiment with focus, exposure, ISO and shutter speed, apply various filters and add interesting effects. Among the applications you will find Stay Focused, MIX, Manual Camera, Looksery, VSCOcam, Snapseed and many others.

Think in advance what the final result should be.

In the standard Camera application, there are several shooting modes: standard, square and panorama. So that after shooting you don’t have to worry about a picture that doesn’t fit all the necessary details, think in advance what your photograph should ultimately be like. If you do it, then to post to Instagram, you should initially choose a square format.

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Follow the rule of thirds

I already once told you in a separate article about the rule of thirds. It works almost always, so I advise you to read about it and turn on the Grid in Settings to make it easier to follow.

Turn off the flash

Despite the fact that in recent generations of the iPhone, the flash has become much better, it can still give photos an unpleasant hue. Therefore, it is best to always use natural light. If you take pictures in low light conditions, use the slider responsible for the exposure.

Use the volume button to take a picture

Sometimes it’s inconvenient to take a picture by tapping on the iPhone screen. It’s easier to turn it over and at the right time, like on the camera, press the button on top. Its function during photography is performed by the buttons responsible for adjusting the volume.

Use burst mode for moving subjects

If you take pictures of children, animals or athletes during the game, be sure to turn on the burst mode (it is available starting from iPhone 5s). Just press the shutter button (or volume button) and hold until you see fit. Forgetting about such a simple rule, you run the risk of staying with blurry shots only.


When there is a strong contrast in the lighting, it’s nice to use HDR. This function allows you to combine pictures with different exposure metering, so that more natural frames appear. But. when using HDR, you need to hold the iPhone tightly, and moving objects should not fall into the frame, otherwise part of the photo will be blurred.

Lock focus

When shooting on the iPhone, especially macro, you need to fix the focus! To do this, just click on the screen on the desired object and hold for a couple of seconds.

Change exposure

I talked about the exposure and focus in more detail in an article on novice iPhoneographers. To change the exposure in the standard application, just click on the screen and, seeing the sun icon, swipe up or down. At this moment, the photo on your display will change dramatically before our eyes.