How to turn off the Nokia 6300

How to restore factory settings of Nokia device (S40 phones)?

Select Menu > Parameters > Restore std setup (or Reset device settings or Restore factory defaults or Restore default settings).
To restore only settings and save all personal data, such as contacts, messages, and media files, select Restore. setup only (or Restore setup only or Setup only).
To restore all settings and delete personal data, select Restore All (or All).

Enter the lock code before recovery. If the lock code has not been changed, enter the default code 12345. If the phone still asks for the lock code, or if you forget this code, take the phone to the nearest Nokia Care service center for verification.

Can I install SIS files on my Nokia S40?

How to format or lock a memory card and check the use of memory card capacity on a Nokia phone?

Memory cards should be kept out of the reach of children.

The microSD memory card can be used to store multimedia files (video clips, music tracks and sound files, images and messages), as well as to back up information from the phone’s memory.

Some folders of the Gallery application whose contents are used by the phone (for example, Themes) can be stored on a memory card.

Formatting a memory card

When formatting a memory card, all data stored on the card is deleted permanently. Some memory cards come pre-formatted, others require formatting. For information on whether formatting a new memory card is required, contact your card vendor.

To format the memory card, select Menu > Gallery or Applications, scroll to the memory card folder, and select Options > Format a map > Yes.

After formatting is completed, enter the name of the memory card.

Memory card lock

To set a password to lock the memory card to prevent unauthorized use, select Options > Set password. The password can be up to eight characters long.

The password is stored on the phone, and while the memory card is used on one phone, it does not need to be re-entered. If the memory card is being used on another phone, you will be prompted for a password.

To delete the password, select Options. > Delete password.

What to do if the password of the memory card is lost

How to turn off the Nokia 6300

This is an extremely undesirable situation. However, if the card is still used in the same device on which the password was set, entering a password to access the memory card is not required. Password entry is necessary in the following situations:
The user is trying to remove the memory card.
The user inserted a memory card into another device.
The user performed a complete reset of the device (for example, entered the command # 7370 # in the device).
The user upgraded the device software via the PC using the Nokia Software Update application.

If you forgot your password but still want to use a memory card, try formatting the memory card in your device. However, after formatting, all data stored on the memory card is deleted. Sometimes a device may ask for a password before formatting; in this case, try formatting on a PC.

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Important notice! Make a note of the password and keep it in a safe place. In addition, you should regularly back up data stored on the memory card.

Video: How to turn off the Nokia 6300

Memory usage check

To check the amount of memory occupied by various data groups, as well as the amount of available memory for installing new applications or software on the memory card, select Options > Information.

How to copy or move contacts (SIM card or phone) to a Nokia phone?

To copy or move a contact from the phone’s memory to a SIM card or vice versa, select Menu > Contacts > Names Scroll to the contact to copy or move, and select Options. > Copy contact or Move contact.

To copy or move multiple contacts, scroll to the first contact to copy or move, and select Options. > Mark. Mark other contacts and select Options. > Copy marked or Move marked.

To copy or move all contacts from the phone’s memory to the SIM card, select Menu > Contacts > Copy contacts or Move contacts.

The SIM card memory allows you to store names with one phone number for each name.

How to access and use security settings on your Nokia device?

Select Menu > Parameters > Protection and one of the following functions:
PIN code request or UPIN code request. set the phone to request a PIN or UPIN code each time it is turned on. Some SIM cards do not allow you to disable the code request.
PIN2 code request. set the phone to request a PIN2 code when using a specific function protected by a PIN2 code. Some SIM cards do not allow you to disable the code request.
Call barring or Call barring service. to restrict incoming or outgoing calls (network service). To enable this service, you must enter a restriction or barring password.
Allowed numbers. restrict calls made to specified phone numbers, if this function is supported by the SIM card. When the “Permitted Numbers” function is enabled, the GPRS connection can only be used for sending text messages. In this case, the recipient’s phone number and message center number should be included in the list of authorized numbers (network service).
Closed group. definition of a group of subscribers whose call and reception of messages from which are allowed (network service).
Protection level > Phone. set a request to enter a security code when a new SIM card is inserted into the phone. If you select Memory, the phone asks for a security code when you select the SIM card memory and when changing the memory used.
Access codes. change the security code (default code is 12345), PIN-code, PIN2-code or restriction password.
Used code. selection to activate the PIN code.
Certificate Authority Certificates or User Certificates. View a list of certificate authority certificates or user certificates downloaded to your phone.
Param. defense module. or Security module. view Inf. defense module, activation Request a module PIN or change the module PIN and registration PIN.

Note. Available features may vary. If the functions of call restriction, closed subscriber group or fixed numbers are enabled, you can still call the emergency service, whose number is programmed into the device’s memory.

How to change the font size of a Nokia device?

Select Menu > Settings > Display (or Main Display) > Font size.

I want the caller to leave messages if my phone is switched off or is outside the coverage area of ​​the cellular network. How to do it?

How to turn off the Nokia 6300

You can enable call forwarding to your voicemail box so that the caller can leave messages in your voicemail box if you are unavailable.

To enable call forwarding, select Menu > Parameters > Call > Call forwarding > If unavailable or If out of range > Enable > To voicemail and enter the voicemail number received from the service provider.

How to turn off the backlight while charging?

Select Menu > Parameters > Accessories (or Accessories) > Charger > Backlight > Automatically.

How many words can I add to the predictive text input dictionary?

Predictive text input is based on a built-in dictionary where you can add new words.

Depending on the language and length of words, hundreds of words can be added to the dictionary. The more free memory the phone has, the more words you can add. To free up phone memory, delete photos, ringtones, or other data stored in the phone.

Note. Words added to the dictionary cannot be deleted manually. If the dictionary is full, the last word added replaces the oldest word added.

Can I use the AC-4 charger with other Nokia devices?

Yes, the AC-4 charger is compatible with many Nokia devices, for example 3250, 5220, 5310, 5300, 5610, 5700, N70, N73, etc. To view the full list of compatible devices, you can go to the Nokia regional website in the section accessories.

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