How to Unbind Apple Id From Iphone Se

Many iPhone users ask themselves this question, and they have several good reasons. Firstly, you may need this when releasing an email address to register a new account. Secondly, during the pre-sale preparation of the device, for your own safety, as well as to avoid unnecessary hemorrhoids for your customer, who is untied iPhone can very much spoil the joy of buying.

There are 2 main ways to untie:

  • manually changing data via iTunes in the account management menu;
  • Making an Apple Support call.

The first way. Unlink via iTunes

Practice shows that untying and tying is necessary for people who change their iPhone like gloves. As you know, once an acquired application can be installed on only 5 devices, and then it will have to be bought again. To avoid wasting money, you can simply untie the old unused smartphone via iTunes, and instead tie a new one. That’s all! Save money and simplify your life with a few clicks.

In addition, sometimes iTunes gives an error. This happens in certain cases, the pattern of which is known only to the “tuna” itself. The error description says that the smartphone model must be activated. Say, it is already tied to some mail and has an identifier, but the procedure needs to be repeated. To get rid of this error and calmly enter iTunes, you need to complete the untether procedure. How to do this?

Here’s what you need for this:

  • computer (Mac / PC);
  • iPhone to untie;
  • Internet connection.

In fact, there is nothing complicated in the decoupling procedure:

5. Click “Edit on” after which a web browser will open a site where, after choosing a country and authorization, you can make the necessary adjustments.

How to Unbind Apple Id From Iphone Se

How to Unbind Apple Id From Iphone Se

The new email address must be real and active, because the decoupling procedure must be confirmed. The confirmation link will be in the letter, which will come to the new mail.

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Do not forget that before selling any Apple device, it must be untied from the Apple ID. Firstly, it will save from unauthorized access to personal data by the new owner. Secondly, this will give the new owner access to all the functions of the smartphone, and he will not be dissatisfied with the purchase.

The second way. Contact Support

This method is longer and more complex, but it has its advantages. It becomes the only one if you do not have access to a personal computer and, accordingly, to iTunes. In addition, if you want to remove the Apple ID "meet", without a chance of recovery, then this can only be done through technical support.

So, how to untie the Apple iPhone from the support service? Not easy, but quite real:

  1. We go to the website
  2. Fill in the fields that are offered to us (marked “required”. mandatory).
  3. Click on the Submit Suggestion request button.

How to Unbind Apple Id From Iphone Se

Now we will deal with the intricacies of filling out the questionnaire:

  1. We indicate the real email address. the one to which the Apple ID is registered.
  2. In the block “Subject” (subject of the appeal) we write some phrase in the spirit: “I wanna delete my Apple ID”.
  3. In the “Comment” block, we write a more or less detailed letter about why we generally want to delete the account. Applications without explanation are rarely approved, so you need to try here. You can write that you want to give the phone to your brother, or simply put up for sale.

You should not honestly write that you just want to register again. Moderators may consider this reason not to be significant enough, which will result in a denial of decoupling. But you can refer to personal reasons. this works much more often. If your knowledge of English is not enough to create an intelligible comment, then just write it in Russian and translate it through Google Translate. Use short dry phrases, and the moderator will understand you.

It will take a long time to wait for an answer. Sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks. Sooner or later, the email that was specified when creating the appeal will be answered. This is either a refusal (less often) or a link to the untying (much more often).

That’s all. As you can see, the procedure is long and not very simple, but it allows you to remove the Apple ID permanently and irrevocably. Sometimes this can be useful. for example, if you cannot control your expenses for applications or give the iPhone to a child who, for obvious reasons, cannot be allowed into the AppStore.

As a conclusion

Unbinding the Apple ID iPhone manually takes a few minutes, and unbinding through the support service takes a few days. However, each option may be useful in certain cases. As you can see, the procedure is not very complicated, and all that it requires of you is minimal effort.

That’s probably all, next time we’ll learn to untie the iPhone from iCloud.

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