How To Unlock A Fly Phone

How To Unlock A Fly Phone

Today, mobile communication is not a luxury or even a mandatory tool; it is already a necessity, practically a vital one. Probably no one can imagine their existence without cellular communications and the phone requirements have not been invested in a concept for a long time. a cool case or a wide screen.

Now it is appreciated in mobile devices: a simple operating menu, an extremely clear menu and many additional functions, and this is exactly how the Fly telephone is. It is distinguished by convenience and functionality, and in addition, it has a very interesting design (new models).

What are the features of Fly phones?

Well, probably the story about these models is worth starting with the fact that “fly” is one of the new developments of the famous Korean company “Newgen”. To date, this company has already released many different types of mobile devices. Due to the simplicity of the operating and external menus, these models are one of the most popular in the world market. Of course, like every mobile device, these have their own unique features. And so, features of the Fly brand cell phones:

  1. all the latest models have partially or fully iron casing,
  2. especially bright screen
  3. simple and effective sound control
  4. the ability to receive radio and video signals,
  5. backlashes between the joints of the case are maximally adjusted (there are practically no gaps),
  6. light weight of any of the models
  7. all new models have fleets for 2-3 or more SIM cards,
  8. each model has a connector for attaching a lace,
  9. all models are equipped with a mini-USB port (bluetooth),
  10. the battery holds a charge of about eight hours, when the MP-3 player
  11. all new models accept a memory card with a maximum size of 16 megabytes,
  12. all models support the blacklist function,
  13. All models have the ability to work with GPRS / EDGE.

This, of course, is not all the features of this model, but still a list of the most basic ones is presented here.

The most common questions that arise in users of Fly models

As already mentioned, each phone model has its own characteristics and if the user is not familiar with them, certain questions will arise regarding the use of certain functions. And in this model’s mobile, the question that concerns users first of all is, of course, the “fly” phone lock. Let’s consider:

  1. how to unlock cell Fly;
  2. how to unlock a Fly mobile phone if you forget your password;
  3. how to unlock the graphic key of a mobile device Fly;
  4. and what is so special about blocking the mobile fly.

We unlock phones brand "Fly"

Locking your phone is always a problem, but most often this kind of trouble happens with touch devices.

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How to unlock "Fly"? Well, let’s start from the fact that we are not talking about locking the keyboard, because here the keyboard is locked and the lock is removed from it by a simple combination of two keys: first, press the topmost one on the left side of the keyboard and then immediately the lowest one on the same left side. But if we talk about blocking the phone, this is a completely different matter. If the device is locked with a graphic key, unlocking it will not be so easy, but still there is nothing impossible. And so, if your “Fly” refuses to work, then Google will help unlock the smartphone’s graphic key. And so the procedure in this case includes the following steps:

  1. logging in with your Google account,
  2. if it happened, so you forgot to enter your account, you will need to perform a complete reset of all settings, that is, return the mobile to the factory settings format. By the way, this is not the only way to reset to factory settings. There is also a way to dial a specific combination of numbers, although there is no universal combination, so an alternative would be to reset using the method described above.

Digital combinations to reset and return to factory settings for some Fly models

  • E 300B LX600, MX 330, MX 230, SX300, SX 210, MX 300, SX 310, SX 305, FLY 2040, SL 300m, E 300B LX600, LX 610, SX 100 and SL 500m. # 98799 #;
  • SX 240. # 125789 #;
  • DS 500. # 987 #.,
  • MC 100. #### 7777 #;
  • TS 2060 and TS 2050. 123456 (the Settings menu will be available, where in the Standard / Factory item you need to enter the code);
  • MC 100. #### 7777 #.
How To Unlock A Fly Phone

How to return "Fly" to factory settings?

If you have any trouble and your Fly phone is locked with a pattern key, you will have to remove this lock. If you have the opportunity, use the login from your Google account. But if the entrance from Google turned out to be unavailable to you for some reason, there is another way to unlock it, namely, returning to the factory settings. To return Fly to the factory settings mode, you need to do the following:

  1. turn off the mobile, completely extinguish it, it is advisable to even remove the battery for a few seconds, and then insert it back,
  2. without turning on the device, simultaneously press the sound adjustment keys, “up-down”, and the device’s power key,
  3. now we enter the menu, here we are looking for items: reset, wipe, set default (to make it clearer, you need to do this by adjusting the volume and confirming using the "Options" button),
  4. Next, select the Reboot System item,
  5. Now check the settings, all data on the SDCARD will be saved.

Unlock SIM card on Fly

Sometimes mobile subscribers are interested in the question: how to unlock a mobile fly if you forget your password?

Well, it’s hard to assume that this feature is inherent in the phones of the Fly company, because on any phone you can unlock a locked SIM card only with the help of a mobile operator. You need to do this like this:

  1. From another phone, we make a call to the operator of the same network and say, “The SIM card is blocked, and the PUK code is lost, help restore or unlock the SIM card,”
  2. Next, the operator will ask you to name three numbers to which the most frequent calls were made, plus the total amount on the account, and the date of the last recharge,
  3. If you answer correctly all these questions, the operator will unlock your SIM card.

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