How To Unlock Iphone 4

How To Unlock Iphone 4

The story of the FBI’s unsuccessful attempts to hack the iPhone “Texas shooter” flew around the world. On the one hand, this shows the reliability of iOS as an operating system, and on the other, it serves as a warning to inattentive users. In this article we will tell you how to unlock iPhone 4S and other older models. We will not compete with the FBI in the practice of hacking. It is understood that you perform all operations with your own smartphone.

Password lock

Locking your phone can mean several things. The simplest that the user encounters daily implies protection against unauthorized access. The screen can only be unlocked by entering a numeric password. Without it, you can make only an emergency call of rescue services. The call is free and can be made even with a negative balance.

This is done in case something happens to the smartphone owner. The person who finds it will be able to call for help even when the display lock is working. You do not need to know the password for this. Additionally, to help doctors, the user can pre-enter the necessary data in an electronic medical record.

In addition to the blood group, you can indicate chronic diseases, note intolerance to some drugs. For emergency communication with relatives, a contact phone number is indicated.

Thus, using the capabilities of a common lock screen, the owner of the iPhone can be safe in case of unforeseen circumstances. To exclude the possibility of password guessing at random, the function of erasing data after ten unsuccessful attempts to dial is provided. This option is activated by the user independently in the security settings.

If you managed to forget the given combination of numbers, but remember the details of your Apple ID account, in this way you can reset your smartphone and then restore it from the backup of Iclaud.


Syncing your iPhone with your computer is one of the purposes of iTunes. On macOS, it is built into the operating system, and Windows users can install it separately. Unlocking a normally working smartphone, to which the user has forgotten the password, is performed in one step. To do this, you need to connect to a PC using a USB cable. When the program recognizes the phone, in the navigation menu, select "Browse".

At the top of the main window, in the field of general information about the smartphone, the marked item will appear. By clicking the "Restore" button, we start the download of the latest version of OC. in this case, iOS 11.2. The time it is received from Apple servers depends on the speed of the connection used. Intervention during the recovery phase is not required from the user, so the iPhone can be left connected to the PC and do other things. After flashing, the data stored in the memory remains unchanged, only the access code is reset.

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Recovery mode

If for some reason the above method to restore the iPhone and remove the forgotten lock fails, you will have to sacrifice its contents. With regular synchronization configured with Aikloud, the maximum that you lose is the data of the last day. In this case, you need to connect a smartphone, and then put it in recovery mode. This is done in the same way as a forced reboot.

For iPhone 4S (model A1387), we simultaneously press the power off and Home buttons. The iTunes and cable logos appear on the screen, which means a successful connection. If at that moment when the display turns off, release the power button and hold only “Home”, iPhone will launch DFU mode. In both cases, Aityuns will be able to find the device, download the desired firmware and start its installation.


A lost device can be remotely locked using the Find iPhone feature. It also allows you to erase data if necessary. You can use this option from any other Apple device or through a web browser. In the action menu, select the marked item and perform data erasure, bringing the smartphone to its original, factory state. After that, you can restore data using iTunes if the backup is stored on your computer, or through iCloud, if in the cloud.

You can perform this operation for devices that are tied to the same Apple ID or combined with family access.

How To Unlock Iphone 4

Operator Lock

Overseas mobile operators may sell the iPhone with a contract. By purchasing such a device, you automatically become a subscriber for a period of one or two years. During this period, you pay the operator the cost of the device and services at a small discount. This kind of installment purchase without a loan. The problem is that before the expiration of the contract with the operator, you cannot use another SIM card on it, since its activation fails.

This is the most unpleasant type of lock, which you cannot turn off yourself. Usually they encounter it when acquiring “gray” devices from their hands. Help in solving this problem is provided by specialized offices that will need an IMEI smartphone from you. You can find it in the settings in the "General" group. In addition, in order to save time, it is advisable to know a foreign operator. The so-called “unlocking” procedure of a smartphone takes up to 20 days, and the cost varies from one to 10-12 thousand rubles.


The main condition for successful unlocking is knowledge of Apple ID data. When buying with your hands, you should definitely make sure that the smartphone is untied from the account of the previous owner and reset to factory settings.

Video instructions

You can see how the described unlocking methods work in the overview video below.

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