How To Unlock Iphone 5s

How To Unlock Iphone 5s

All electronic devices today have functions to ensure their safety. For example, various passwords for opening, graphic keys in the form of a picture to be displayed, and even access via a fingerprint scan.

The iPhone also has all of these features. With them, a user who has lost the device is sure that his personal data and information stored on the phone will be protected.

But what if you yourself forgot your password? How to unlock iPhone 5S in this case?

We will talk about this and how to work with a lost phone blocked by the previous owner in this article.

How is the device locked?

To begin with, you can block the phone (and, of course, all the data on it) in different ways. This can be either a digital password, consisting of 4 digits, or blocking with a fingerprint scan. In the case of the latter method, it is not worth worrying that you forgot the data to block and do not know how to unlock the iPhone 5S. It will be enough just to bring your finger to the Home button, and the device itself will recognize you.

Of course, the method of blocking with a scan is much more convenient – it involves the accurate identification of you as a single user, and will not respond to the wrong finger. At the same time, of course, this method of authorization is valid only with the iPhone 5S model and newer; The Chinese iPhone 5S is not taken into account – there is no finger scanner.

What is needed to unlock?

The phone is arranged in such a way that with the help of a password all data is “closed” on it. This means that all photos, contacts, passwords, programs – everything that the user leaves behind can not be used by third parties. Keep this in mind if you want to unlock your device – you won’t be able to save such information after unlocking.

As for the tools that you will need to unlock it, this is a cord to connect to a PC, a computer that has iTunes, or a computer that has access to iCloud.

The set of tools that we need depends on how to unlock the iPhone 5S. Actually, we will immediately describe two techniques in this article.

Ability to unlock yourself

It should also be noted that you can carry out all the actions yourself. You will not need to contact the Apple Service Center for the provision of unlocking services. This is done simply and easily.

The main thing is that the phone with which you will work, is already connected to the specified computer and, of course, was not wanted. Otherwise, if someone found an iPhone 5S, how to unlock it so that private use can continue, we do not know. As soon as you restore the device, it will be displayed in the iCloud service, and the previous owner will see a signal from your phone. In this case, of course, it is best to simply return the device to its original owner. So, back to recovery.

What is DFU mode?

The first way is to perform a full phone recovery. This means deleting all data and “zeroing” the device. To do this, the iPhone will need to be switched to DFU mode.

This special mode represents the state of the phone when the latter does not load the operating system. In fact, at such a moment it is a shell that can only connect to a computer. It is used in emergency situations, for example, when it is necessary to update the firmware of the device.

You can recognize the DFU mode, which is necessary for nothing more than unlocking the iPhone 5S, by the Apple logo shown on the display. Everything, the model will not give any other “signs of life”.

Going to DFU is simple – connect the device to the computer, then hold down the Home and Power keys for 10 seconds, then release the Power button, but continue to hold Home. Then the phone will enter the mode indicated above.

How to unlock iPhone via iTunes?

Now, in fact, we can start the unlock procedure (namely, the restoration of our iPhone). To do this, go to iTunes (while the phone is connected to the computer and is in DFU mode), then find the "Restore iPhone" button. Click it and wait until all information from the phone is deleted. After your phone reboots (unless it is a Chinese iPhone 5S), you can start working on it from scratch – the device will be cleared of all data.

Unlock the phone using "Find iPhone"

There is another, even simpler way to unlock your iPhone 5S. In order to apply it, you need to use the iCloud cloud service, which allows you to control your mobile phone remotely. In it you can see the "Erase iPhone" function. You can use it if the device is in your hands and you want to remove the password from it.

This is actually done at the click of a button. And, of course, if someone found an iPhone 5S, how to unlock it, he thinks – this method will not work for him, since of course a person will not have access to an account in iCloud. At the same time, if you have lost the device, you can click on the “Lost Mode” in the same menu, which will search for your phone using the location. In addition, with this mode, you can set a password even on an unprotected device, and also display a message that a new owner of a mobile device will see on the screen.

Unlock in the service center

Of course, if you still do not understand how to unlock the iPhone 5S, you can simply contact the service center. There, as indicated on the website of several such companies, they will help you to remove the lock from your device using the entire set of available tools. However, given that the wizards from the center will not have access to your iTunes and iCloud, you can guess that the phone will be restored according to a much more complicated procedure. For this reason, how much it costs to unlock an iPhone 5S will vary depending on the center. Most often, companies provide such services for 8-10 thousand rubles. If this is your device, and no one is looking for it, then you can work with it in the future without any restrictions.

Tips & Tricks

In general, think for yourself. Well, who is looking for the answer to the question: “Is it possible to unlock the iPhone 5S?” That’s right – those who lost data to their own device (meaning the password), as well as those who managed to find someone else’s device, and from selfish motives they would like to appropriate apparatus. The last recommendation will be one: do not do this. Try to contact the previous owner, explain to him that you would like to return the device. It will be a good deed and, believe me, having done it, you will be more satisfied than if you pick up someone else’s device.

The first (those who forgot the password for their iPhone), I would like to give advice to be more careful and attentive. You can not fool your head with an access key and use a finger scanner – it is more convenient and faster. In addition, this way you will not forget which password you have set, and you will not ask the question: “Is it possible to unlock the iPhone 5S?”

This will also save time and effort spent on the restoration of personal content on the device. After all, you should not forget about this either – all the data that was before the lock on your iPhone will be lost. Therefore, you will be forced to re-compile your favorite playlists, download applications, files necessary for work.

Use a finger scanner on your 5S – and you won’t have to do this all!