How To Unlock Iphone

How To Unlock Iphone

Users of Apple devices sometimes encounter the problem of how to unlock iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus), if you forget the password, independently through ITunes, iCloud, using the function "Find iPhone"And"Recovery mode". Any Apple mobile device, whether it’s a phone, tablet or player, works under a single operating system. Accordingly, the problems are similar.

One problem can mean several problems at once, for example, sometimes there are problems with the well-known Find iPhone service, in addition, phones are sometimes tied to a specific operator. Each problem requires a separate analysis and a substantive approach to its solution.

Types of iPhone / iPhone Lock

BSIM lock needed to ensure that the phone is used only with a specific operator. In most cases, this is used in the United States, when the cost of the contract with the phone is much less than a free phone. For a substantial discount, up to the price of one dollar, you have to pay a ban on the use of SIM-cards of other operators.

After the global update of the operating system to the 7th version, the visual components of the shell changed, and an option appeared to minimize thefts of mobile equipment. It is about the Find IPhone service, which does not involve resale to third parties. In case of purchase of a used phone, if the original owner sells it with the included Find iPhone feature (without untying from your account), the gadget will be blocked for a new user.

For this reason, service centers offering iPhone unlocking services began to function, but only some of them really solve the problem. Apple technology is one of the most complex and fixing the hardware of a smartphone is only possible for someone who has specialized tools and knowledge in this area. For all the phone’s security, a forgotten password is not yet a sign that it needs to be handed over for repair, since there are ways to unlock iPhone / iPhone on your own without even knowing the intricacies of the OS

How to unlock iPhone / iPhone (with iOS 7, 8, 9) without a password yourself

The easiest lock available is the iPhone screen password, if forgotten. You can unlock iPhone / iPhone (4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus) yourself in several ways:

Reset iPhone / iPhone password using iTunes

Unlocking an iPhone (iPhone screen) using iTunes is the most common method. It is suitable for those users who previously synchronized with iTunes and, accordingly, a backup copy of the data was saved on the computer, which can be used to solve the problem with blocking.

The instruction is very simple, and if you already had an introduction to managing iTunes, then there should be no problems:

  • connect iPhone to computer via USB cable;
  • open the connected device in iTunes and click the "Restore iPhone".

Everything is done automatically, you don’t need to confirm anything on your phone or computer.

Reset iPhone / iPhone Password via iCloud

Unlocking iPhone through iCloud yourself can be very fast, only for this method several components must coincide at once: Wi-Fi network access and a smartphone connected to it, or Internet connection via a mobile network (with the existing mobile network, the device is configured independently), as well as previously activated service "Find iPhone". If the phone has these necessary components, then:

  • go to iCloud service and enter "Apple ID"And password;
  • go to the section "Find iPhone";
  • after entering the iCloud service, select the necessary device (above);
  • after that you need to click on the icon with the name and then select the button “to the right”Erase iPhone";
  • The system will require you to enter the password for the Apple ID;
  • the reset process will start, as a result, all data will be deleted (the display on the smartphone will first go blank and the logo will light up later);
  • To restore the device to its normal state, the latest backup will help, restore the iPhone via iTunes or iCloud.

Unlock (reset password) iPhone / iPhone using recovery mode

If you have not previously synchronized with iTunes and the "Find iPhone » If it wasn’t activated, then the first two ways to reset the password from the iPhone / iPhone will fail, it remains to use the recovery mode. As a result, information from the device, settings and password will be erased. To do this, you must:

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  • connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable and launch iTunes (download the latest version) ;.
  • then press and hold simultaneously the buttons “Inclusion" (sleep / awakening) and "Home" (Home) until the device logo appears and then the recovery mode in the form of a tablet appears, where to select the "Restore".

ITunes, depending on the device, will begin installing iOS on the device. If during the recovery iPhone for some reason will exit the mode (full recovery will not be completed) or the process lasts more than 15 minutes, it is recommended to try again.

When the recovery is successful, you can begin to set up individual settings.

Unbind via support

If the phone was purchased abroad and therefore remained binding to a foreign mobile operator (SIM card), then the approach should be different. This is the most common type of lock. Resetting to factory settings and the subsequent recovery procedure from the backup will not bring any result. The way out of the situation is longer and more complicated, and no one will guarantee that untying the iPhone will succeed.

All attempts to circumvent the contract binding are accompanied with great difficulties. You can try to make an official appeal to the operator who set this restriction. Regarding the United States, we can say that the most widely used operators are Sprint and AT&T, but this needs to be specified separately.

There should be a lot of criteria that allow you to untie the phone. Key ones:

You can entrust this process to an experienced specialist who is just dealing with the problem of attached iPhones by IMEI


I must say right away that a chip with a tray is purchased for this unlock R-SIM, where the new SIM card will be inserted.

Before buying it, the phone model and version of the operating system are specified, as well as which operator is to be unlocked. The pricing policy here is quite simple. the higher the OS version, the higher the cost of this chip. In addition, it will not be possible to update the OS, otherwise the procedure will need to be performed first, from the purchase of the chip, etc.

The only positive aspects are independence from the type of operator, as well as a low price when compared with the official unlock method. It is better to immediately look for phones that do not have a binding, then there will be no such problems.

Removing Activation Lock

There is also a lock on Apple ID. not disabled feature "Find iPhone»From a used second-hand iPhone, if The previous owner of the device forgot or intentionally did not unlink. If we are talking about such a link, then we need to prepare for some difficulties.

  1. You can try to get in touch with the old owner and ask him to untie Apple ID disconnecting Find iPhone feature.
  2. If this is not possible. contact the developers, but for this you need to find a box and a check. It will be required to prove that the iPhone is not stolen by sending a photo of himself and the box.

How to unlock iPhone if Apple ID is forgotten

In a situation where a password is forgotten or lost to Apple ID, you have to remotely prove belonging to this device. How to unlock iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus), if you forgot your password, yourself? Contact customer support if available at a copy of the purchase receipt, box and the device itself. It is necessary to take a photo of these things and send them to the mail service desk, thereby proving their affiliation.

You will need to go through this procedure even if the password is forgotten by the original owner of the device. Storing a password on the same computer will help to avoid it. If there is an intention to sell the phone, then you need to take care of the decoupling yourself.


This article describes the available unlock options for iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus), if you forget your password, by yourself: via iTunes, iCloud, using the "Find iPhone" and "Recovery Mode" functions. All of these methods are recommended by the technical support of the developer.

In order not to encounter these problems:

  1. You need to store your passwords from accounts in a stored place, for example, on a computer or in notepad.
  2. The receipt received upon purchase must not be discarded.
  3. Before buying a supported phone, you should check if there is a block by SIM card, binding by Apple ID with the “Find iPhone” function disabled.