How To Unlock Nokia C5-00 Smartphone

How To Unlock Nokia C5-00 Smartphone

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I’ll tell you in stages how I got full access to your phone.
Trying several ways I couldn’t find an option that would help me, as a result, at one point, the phone turned off and didn’t turn on again, in a panic I thoroughly approached this issue and after a few hours of communication on the forums my smart turned on (which pleased me the most) , with a hacked file implanted into the firmware that gives not only the ability to install unsigned applications, but also the ability to install patches, change system settings and many many other useful functions. Immediately I wanted to say that the procedure is not safe, with the wrong approach, you can find a lot of problems, for example, a program crashed with my firmware Phoenix and then I had to think not about hacking but about how to get the phone that’s not turning on from the other side …

You flash the phone at your own peril and risk – any wrong action can ruin your phone, and it will be possible to reanimate it only with the help of certain skills and knowledge!

The firmware version can be found by pressing the key combination # 06 # in standby mode.

  • Do not downgrade the software. In most cases, the phone is a corpse
  • N82, N73, N73 ME, N95 8GB can only be flashed in normal mode (USB)
  • It is recommended to backup data before flashing
  • It is better to sew on the Windows XP operating system in order to avoid program crashes Phoenix
  • We carefully read this article, do everything as it is written there.
  • Download the firmware for our phone.
  • We also take the hack file for your model from this topic.
  • How To Unlock Nokia C5-00 Smartphone
  • Download the Phoenix program.

If everything goes as written in this article, then everything is fine. Personally, I got everything in the next step:

    We see a window with a list of files with which the phone will be flashed, select uda.fpsx in the list and click Edit below, in the window that appears opposite the file path, click the […] button and select the modified uda.fpsx that we downloaded earlier

Exited the program, hacked the file by itself at the address
C: \ Program Files \ Nokia \ Phoenix \ Products (if everything is set by default) by agreeing to a replacement, I launched the program again and in the place where we were offered "click the button […] and select the modified uda.fpsx which we downloaded earlier ”, we don’t choose as it was said, but simply click Ok (After all, we have already thrown the hack file into the folder with the firmware), then we do everything by following the article.

If everything went well, we no longer have to sign applications.

To get access to the SYS and PRIVATE system folders, install ROMPatcher v2.3 and activate the Open4all patch …