How To Unsubscribe From Apple Music How To Unsubscribe From Apple Music

How To Unsubscribe From Apple Music How To Unsubscribe From Apple Music

The streaming music service Apple Music was launched in 2015. Access to it is possible from any "apple" device, computers running Windows and mobile devices running Android. The first three months the service is available for free. By the time the trial subscription expires, the user must make a choice, switch to paid or refuse to continue using the service. In this article, we’ll show you how to unsubscribe from Apple Music at any time and from any device.

Types of Subscriptions

In order to better understand what we are dealing with, let’s take a brief look at the opportunities offered by the streaming service of the “apple company”. To start using it, you must have a registered Apple ID, a single identifier that allows you to use all the services of the company. By subscribing, the user gets full access to the service from the first day, there are no restrictions on the choice and use of musical compositions.

Given the trial period, we can talk about five types of subscriptions:

  1. Free It is provided only to new users of the service for a period of three months.
  2. Individual. Your personal music collection, value. 169₽ per month.
  3. Individual annual cost. 1690₽.
  4. Family Access to the music collection for six people, cost. 269₽ per month. For all participants, “Family Access” must be preliminarily organized, which allows sharing the acquired content.
  5. Student. Discounted personal collection for college or college students. Validity up to four years, with a monthly subscription price of 75 rubles.

I must say that since the time the service was launched, the subscription price for Russian users has not changed. At the same time, in 2017, some countries lost their free trial period, which was replaced by a reduced one with reduced pay.

Now that all the available options and their cost are known, let’s figure out how to disable Apple Music. Consider the sequence of actions for all devices on which this service is available.

iPhone or iPad

Mobile devices marked with the apple logo are the most widely distributed. Therefore, to begin with, we will figure out how to unsubscribe from Apple Music on iOS 9 or 10. Access to the service in these operating systems is carried out from the Music program and we’ll use it to disable it:

  • Select the “For You” menu item indicated by the heart logo.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen a profile sign will appear, having opened it, go to the "View Apple ID" section.
  • Scroll to the "Subscriptions" item and open it.
  • After the list of available use cases, there is an interactive “Unsubscribe” button.

After disconnecting, the service on your devices will work until the end of the prepaid period, which is calculated from the date of subscription monthly. In the same way, you can unsubscribe from a free Apple Music subscription. As soon as you do this, access to the songs selected during the trial period will be blocked. It is important to remember that free access is given only once and is not divided into periods. If you turned it on for one day and then turned it off, the trial subscription will be considered fully used.

Mac or Windows computer

Computers use the iTunes program to work with the streaming service. Let’s see how to unsubscribe from an Apple Music subscription using it. Again, open the "For You" section and select the "Account Information" item under the profile icon. After confirming the password, the Apple ID data will open. Scroll them to the last section “Settings” and see the “Subscriptions” item in it. Pressing the “Manage” button will open all available options for using the service, including canceling a subscription.

You can do the same from the iTunes Accounts menu. By selecting “View,” you will also be taken to Apple ID user data. How to disconnect a subscription to Apple Music from this page, we just told.

Apple tv

The prefix Apple TV is the fourth generation. the only one of the entire series of these gadgets that can work with the streaming service of the company. Using it, you can also disable your subscription to Apple Music. How to do this, we will now consider.

You will need to enter the settings menu of the set-top box and, having selected your account, confirm the entrance to it with a password. After completing these manipulations, you will see the familiar control menu, where you can turn off the subscription to Apple Music. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about this, the actions on all the devices examined are almost identical.

Android devices

Having opened the opportunity to use their music service on Android devices, the guys from Cupertino made a smart marketing move. Some users of this operating system are likely to be able to change their addictions and replenish the army of fans of "apple" products. For those who, having tried the application of the same name, did not find it interesting, there is the option to disable Apple Music. How to do this on Android, we will now tell.

Enter the menu on the main page of the application to go to the settings of your account. Here you need to find the subscription management point and turn off automatic renewal in it. After the actions taken, the service will work until the expiration of a month, which has been previously paid.

iTunes Match

All of the above methods show how to unsubscribe from Apple Music on various electronic devices. It is understood that by refusing to use the service, you will no longer return to it. If for Android users only alternatives from other music providers are available, then Mac and Windows users, in addition, can choose another option within the Apple system.

We are talking about iTunes Match, another "apple" product related to music. Its application allows, following the tips on how to unsubscribe from Apple Music, continue to use iCloud as a server for storing a music collection. A feature of his work is the synchronization of songs already available on the local computer with the iTunes Store library.


Now you know how to unsubscribe from Apple Music and, following our recommendation, you can perform this operation on any device that can work with this streaming service. However, if at the last moment you change your mind and decide to change the subscription to a more convenient price option, the sequence of actions will be similar.