Huawei Introduces World'S Fastest Artificial Intelligence Cluster

At the HUAWEI Connect 2019 conference in Shanghai, HUAWEI announced the Atlas 900 artificial intelligence cluster. With its help, the company plans to take the level of training of neural networks to a new level, as well as make their use more accessible for application developers.

Huawei Introduces WorldS Fastest Artificial Intelligence Cluster

The new cluster model passed the specialized Resnet-50 performance test in just 59.8 seconds. 10 seconds faster than the previous world record. The Atlas 900 includes thousands of Ascend 910 AI chips and combines three high-speed interfaces, including PCIe 4.0. The peak performance of the solution is 1 petaflops.

“Now a new age of research has come. An ocean of limitless potential is not capable of exploring only one ship. Therefore, today we launch thousands of ships. Let’s work together to take this historic opportunity to take intelligence to a new level, ”said Ken Hu, vice president of HUAWEI.

Company representatives noted that today AI is involved in more than 500 projects related to ten key industries. The Atlas 900 can be used in a wide variety of scientific research fields, from astronomy and weather forecasting to oilfield development and use as autonomous driving systems.

HUAWEI also deployed Atlas 900 on its cloud service as a cluster service, making it more accessible to customers in a variety of industries. The vendor plans to invest another 1.5 billion in his program for five million developers and enable HUAWEI partners around the world to create new applications.

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