Huawei P10 Plus Lock

Huawei P10 Plus Lock

Different types of locks are a constant problem for users of modern smart devices. System blocking, operator blocking or simLock blocking are just some of them. Over time, many customers have struggled with a new Google lock called Factory Reset Protection.

The global Android system very often surprises us with various news that the manufacturer always makes for all users. One of them is locking the phone after resetting the settings. Factory Reset Protection is a new security method aimed at protecting our data in case of loss or theft of the phone. FRP is activated when you activate your Google account on our smartphone. Blockade occurs on phones with Lollipop 5.0 and newer. Many Internet users seek help because they cannot unlock their devices. This sounds a little absurd, as if more than half of the people with such problems do not remember the password for their Google account, as well as Gmail and other browser services of the manufacturer. I decided to help users of Huawei P10, P10 Lite and P10 Plus smartphones demonstrates how to quickly and easily remove Factory Reset Protection. The presentation was made on the Huawei P10 Lite model with Android 7.0.

Google Account Lockout (FRP)

The aforementioned lock after resetting to the factory settings requires us to provide an account password that was previously registered on a particular smartphone. It is worth adding that if we want to avoid such situations, first, before rebooting the device, you must delete all the accounts from the phone that I wrote about for you on technology pages. However, if we forget to do this, and our device will expect an account password later, which, in the end, will not want to restart the phone, then I have a solution for you that uses TalkBack and WiFi.

First turn off the phone so that we can connect the smartphone directly to our WiFi network. After connecting to the network, we reboot the phone so that the device shows us the first configuration window, that is, the choice of language / country. At this point, we hold two fingers on the screen, holding them until our device responds by turning on TalkBack. It is worth noting that not all TalkBack phones turn on the same.

Do not worry if the image disappears. Hold your fingers for about 10 seconds until you see TalkBack is on. Then you need to take your hand, and we can move on to the next step, that is, draw the letter L on the smartphone’s display, which will turn on the function settings and allow you to proceed to the next steps of resetting your device.

I know that at this point you may be surprised at how we can enable various Google features. As you can see, the manufacturer’s developers and IT specialists are not idle and will probably surprise us more than once. A small window will appear on the screen of our smartphone (unfortunately, in English, but this will not be a problem) with several options. We are interested in TalkBack settings.

Video: Huawei P10 Plus Lock

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At this stage, it is worth noting that when the function for the curtain is turned on, its operation is slightly different from using the phone every day. The selected field must be pressed 2-3 times (the first time it turns green), in the background, of course, you will hear explanations of what exactly you are doing in English. Once the window has changed, it’s time to turn off TalkBack, which subsequently makes it very difficult for us to navigate the screen of our device.

To disable / pause TalkBack, simultaneously press and hold the volume buttons up and down until the next Suspend TalkBack window appears, where we confirm disconnecting / pausing TalkBack, which will allow us to freely move around the screen of our smartphone. So we can go further to disable Factory Reset Protection. To do this, we freely move our finger around the screen, looking in our TalkBack settings, the Help and Feedback tab, which takes us to a completely different window, where we go further by clicking on the "Getting started with voice access" tab. After clicking, we proceed to the next window, explaining to us how TalKBack works, etc.

However, this is not what interests us in this case. As you probably noticed, we see a smaller window of the popular YouTube channel, in which there is a video showing the operation of the function that we disabled. Double-clicking on the video will take you to the YouTube app. Now is not the time to watch our favorite films or listen to music. By logging in via YouTube, we can connect to the Chrome browser by opening Uncle Google’s browser. To do this, enter the settings (3 points) in the upper right corner by selecting "Privacy Policy". This will bring us to the Google Chrome browser window, additionally asking if we want to log in to the Google account. We decline offers by going directly to the Google Uncle page.

Therefore, we can move on to any application or other program. In our case, all we need to do is enter the address, where we can download the La Go launch application, which allows us reset your Google Account.

In this case, the phone will show us many windows requesting our consent to download and install a foreign application. We confirm this in each case, which will allow us to finally download the Go launcher and the installation itself.

After reloading the application, we can install it and, of course, open it to perform the last action in the Go launcher of the application itself. To do this, follow the screens below that will open the way to the last step in unlocking FRP from your smartphone. It’s time to open the application to perform a factory reset on your device.

The appearance of the application is nothing more than the interior of our phone, I would call it a more virtual interior. On the main page of a smartphone or side cards, we look for device settings (settings). After opening them, we do exactly the same as in most phones, it looks like a reset to factory settings. The screenshots below show exactly how to do this on the Huawei P10 Lite, as I mentioned earlier, this also applies to the P10 and P10 Plus models.

After resetting to the factory settings, we expect a full reset, and from now on we can start setting up the phone without Factory Reset Protection. Unfortunately, Google is constantly applying patches to fix any vulnerabilities that could lead to the removal of FRP, so do not be surprised if the described method no longer works on these models.

Remember that the actions described in this manual are performed at your own risk. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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