Huawei Will Allocate $ 1.5 Billion To The Developer Support Program

The Chinese company Huawei announced its intention to invest 1.5 billion over the next five years in its developer support program. This step is due to the company’s intention to create an open ecosystem, which will become the basis of the manufacturer’s computing strategy.

Huawei Will Allocate 1.5 Billion To The Developer Support Program

“The future of computing is a huge market worth more than 2 trillion. We will continue to invest in a strategy that focuses on four key areas. We will expand the boundaries of architecture, invest in processors for all scenarios, maintain clear business boundaries and create an open ecosystem ”. Ken Hu’s vice president said during a speech at the Huawei Connect 2019 event.

Recall, Huawei’s developer support program was first announced in 2015. Since then, the company has supported more than 1.3 million developers and over 14,000 software vendors from around the world. The company says that in the future the initiative under consideration will be expanded by 5 million developers. In addition, it is planned to implement support for Huawei partners who are creating the "next generation of smart applications and solutions."

During the event, Huawei was told that the industry-wide approach to computing is increasingly based on statistical models, which, in turn, form the basis of machine learning. The company believes that statistical computing will become part of mass production, and AI applications will account for more than 80% of all the computing power used around the world. The total amount allocated to support the developer program will be invested over the next five years.

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