If Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On Phone

Everyone knows the high quality of Apple products, and the iPhone 4 is no exception. And yet, like any technique created by human hands, at times an iPhone can fail. This is especially troubling when you need to make an urgent call. In such cases, when the iPhone 4 does not turn on when you press the Power button, you do not need to panic right away. Most problems can be fixed. Often, such procedures can be carried out independently.

If Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On Phone

Causes of malfunctions

  • Software (a failure in the program or files were damaged by viruses).
  • Mechanical (there were mechanical damage or commonplace wear).

In the case of mechanical failures, the problem is solved by replacing parts. There are frequent cases when this can be done by ourselves, at home. For example, when you need to replace the battery or glass.

If there are malfunctions of a program nature, then here you can do without the help of specialists. Consider the simplest cases.

iPhone 4 does not turn on and does not charge

The first reason that may come to mind is the complete discharge of the battery. Energy is not enough even to simply display the charge indicator on the display. Then you should connect your smartphone to a computer or network. At the end of 15 minutes (it may take more if connected to a PC), press the Power button without disconnecting from the network. After that, it will become obvious what the cause of the malfunction is: if it is only a charge, then the image of an empty battery with a lightning bolt inside will be displayed on the device’s display. It becomes clear that there is not enough energy to make calls and the functioning of programs. We are waiting for several hours until the charge is fully replenished.

If Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On Phone

Software crash

There are cases that even after fully recharging the iPhone 4 does not turn on. The software failure may be to blame. To resolve the situation, you can use the "hard reset". What is this procedure? To launch it, simultaneously hold down the Power and Home buttons, hold them until the image of the Apple logo appears on the screen. The operating system will reboot again, after which it becomes possible to use the device further.

Other reasons

So, we examined two cases when you can do it yourself. And in the second case, all the procedures will take only a few seconds. In the first case, it may take several hours to charge.

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What to do if iPhone 4 does not turn on even after these procedures?

If after these procedures the situation has not changed, maybe the problem is different. The possible reasons why iPhone 4 does not turn on are:

  • the battery is out of order (solved by replacement in a service center or with your own hand);
  • the power cable connector is clogged with dirt (you can clean it yourself yourself);
  • The USB cable or charger is faulty (in this case, nothing can be done with the old cable. It needs to be replaced);
  • short circuit due to moisture ingress or mechanical damage to the device (do not try to solve the problem yourself. it is better to contact the workshop);
  • power surges during charging caused damage to the microcircuit (this can happen if you charge the battery in the car);
  • factory defect (replacement under warranty).

If Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On Phone

iPhone 4 is on, the apple does not turn on

Sometimes the device does not respond to actions by the owner, even when the "apple" is lit. This problem is one of the most common, why iPhone 4 does not turn on. A possible reason may be the need to reflash the device. You can do this operation yourself. To do this, there is iTunes service in DFU Mode, the screen should be turned off. This is possible when the latest version of iTunes is installed on your smartphone. The device connects to a PC, the current firmware option for the day is downloaded from the Apple website. Next, the smartphone goes into black screen mode, iTunes turns on. A dialog box will appear on the display. Press Shift "Restore" (if you have Windows) or Alt "Restore" (for Mac owners). The firmware is selected, the recovery procedure starts.

If Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On Phone

There may be situations when, even after such a manual flashing, the device does not start. Then you should contact qualified specialists. There will be a quality repair, perhaps even before your eyes.

The most problematic situation is when the motherboard fails. In this case, it will need to be completely replaced, since the motherboard is a complex device consisting of a processor, RAM, various connectors and drives. The reason that can cause a failure of the board can be either mechanical damage to the device, or liquid.

Wi-Fi issues

From time to time, owners complain that the iPhone 4 does not turn on the WiFi module. the connection is periodically lost or the device does not want to connect at all. The cause can be both software failures and mechanical failures. In the event that the connection with Wi-Fi is periodically lost, a normal reset can help. The fact is that similar problems were noticed by users who switched to iOS 7.

If Iphone 4 Does Not Turn On Phone

And still more frequent cases when the problem lies not in the software, but in the hardware component. Here, the best solution is to contact a service center.

For those who are determined to solve the problem on their own, an interesting way to solve this problem was suggested by one of the Internet users: to heat the iPhone 4 with a simple household hairdryer. It should be heated until a warning about a critical temperature is displayed. Further, the author of the method advises turning the device off and on. according to him, Wi-Fi should work. But to apply a similar risky method or still carry an expensive device to a specialist. you decide. The advice of strangers is much less reliable than the services of professionals.

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