If The Iphone Does Not See The Sim Card, Do It Clearly According To The Instructions

If The Iphone Does Not See The Sim Card, Do It Clearly According To The Instructions

Users of iPhones often turn to the masters with the fact that the phone does not accept or does not see the SIM card. For devices of this popular brand, this problem is very common. Perhaps, in pursuit of the introduction of new innovations, developers systematically ignore such minor, in their opinion, shortcomings. In any case, users have to independently look for ways to solve this problem. What to do? How to fix the breakdown yourself? Who should I contact for professional help?

Reasons for a failure

The reason that your iPhone does not see the SIM card can be anything from system glitches to a burned-out module on the motherboard. But there is a list of the most common reasons, let us consider in detail each of them.

Drops and bumps, moisture

When the phone falls, then, despite the absence of external chips and cracks, it is likely that there is internal damage. Sometimes the problem is localized in the SIM card slot. It can “move away” and the contacts will not touch the metal part of the SIM card. You can try to pull out the slot (you will need a special key or use a paper clip), and then push it back into the groove. Rebooting the device sometimes helps. If the problem persists, then you will have to contact an experienced repair technician for mobile equipment. If the device turns out to be in a humid environment, then you can’t do without a qualified master.

Old sim card

Sims, like any device, are not eternal. They can simply work out their resource and not contact the device. To make sure that the iphone does not see the SIM card precisely for this trivial reason, ask a colleague or friend to insert a working nanosimka into your smartphone. If the network has appeared, you will have to contact your mobile service provider to exchange a damaged SIM card. Often an iPhone does not read Sim, if it is often reinstalled on different devices or simply often removed. This causes the contact tracks to deteriorate, over time, deep scratches appear on them, preventing good contact with the board.

Glitch firmware

It will be very difficult to independently establish that it is the firmware or system errors that the smart device does not recognize the card. But in the absence of other provoking factors, we try to update iOs to the current version or return it to the previous version using iTunes.

Card reader or antenna

If the phone says that there is no SIM card, then the reason may lie in the antenna or card reader. Most often, the card reader or the nanoscale itself is damaged during inaccurate installation or removal. Some people use dangerous improvised means that can damage fragile parts of the device. Contact petals can bend or even break. You have to change such elements or install a completely new connector.

"Locked" sim card

It may happen that you try to insert a SIM card of a certain operator into iphone 5 or any other device, and the phone at the factory is configured to work with another network. Numbers of other mobile operators are not supported in this case. You can deal with this problem by contacting a good service center. Or on your own, but it’s risky, ditching expensive electronics is very simple.

If The Iphone Does Not See The Sim Card, Do It Clearly According To The Instructions

Universal instruction

If the iPhone refuses to see even a new SIM card or a message appears on the phone’s screen about an invalid SIM or micro SIM card not inserted, try the following manipulations:

  1. It is necessary to check that the cellular communication of the operator whose SIM card is inserted into the slot works well in the zone of the gadget.
  2. Try updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.
  3. Using the standard iOs functionality, put the phone in air mode. Then wait 10 seconds and turn off flight mode.
  4. Reboot the iPhone. To do this, press and hold the Sleep / Wake button until the slider appears on the screen. Move it to turn off the unit. Detailed instructions in the picture below.
  5. Be sure to check if your operator’s settings are updated. To do this, go to the "Settings" section, select "General", and then click "About this device". If an update is required, a message appears on the smartphone screen asking you to click "OK" or "Update." Click "Update", after a while we restart the device again, the communication error will most likely go away.
  6. Carefully pull the SIM card out of the holder and slide it back into the groove. Examine the gadget and make sure that the SIM slot is tightly closed. If you use a SIM card holder from a different model of iPhone or a completely different smartphone, then it may not fit in size.
  7. Try using a different sim card. If you don’t have a backup option, then go to the communication salon and ask employees to provide a SIM card on duty to check the device.
  8. If after all the manipulations the message about the lack of a SIM card does not disappear, then contact Apple Support. The operator will tell you how to be in a situation where the iPhone has stopped seeing the SIM card.


I hope our advice, if the iPhone does not see the SIM card, have helped you. Before you panic and rush to the nearest service center, try to perform the universal algorithm described above. In 85% of cases, these actions help to solve the problem without additional time and money. The most important thing is accuracy and care. See you on the pages of the site!