Ipad Battery Runs Out Quickly

Ipad Battery Runs Out Quickly

It is no secret that tablets, from iPad to iPad Air and iPad Mini, are famous for their long operating time (up to 10 hours). But it happens that the iPad battery starts to run out quickly. If the battery runs out within 8 hours – this is a cause for concern, if faster, then it’s time to look for reasons and take action.

The reasons for the rapid discharge of the iPad battery may not be many. I have identified 6 main reasons!

The most unpleasant – the battery fails.

What to do? It is necessary to rejoice if you have not expired the warranty period. This means that you have a manufacturing defect and Apple will replace the iPad (contact service centers). If the warranty has expired, you must either reconcile and wait until the battery dies completely, or carry it to the service so that you change the battery.

During the existence of the iPad, this happened so often that I put this reason in second place. Often, after the release and installation of the new version of iOS, the battery for many users starts to land faster. This is usually connected with the jambs of developers, which they fix with the next iOS update. This is a golden time for news sites – they first begin to hysteria that “Apple is no longer the same” and report that “the man is crazy because the iPad’s battery life is now not 10 hours, but 8 and a half.” If you see such headlines in the latest news, then you are not alone …

What to do? Nothing – wait for the iOS update, in which with a high degree of probability everything will be fixed. In the current version of iOS 7.1, there are no problems with fast battery drain precisely because of Apple developers.

Active use of the cellular module can significantly reduce the battery life of the iPad on a single charge. Active surfing over Wi-Fi networks does not have such a big impact.

What to do? You just need to know that the time "up to 10 hours" is indicated for use on a Wi-Fi network, in the video and audio playback mode. For the mode of operation via cellular networks, the time is indicated "up to 9 hours." In practice, through cellular networks, the operating time can be reduced to 8 hours. Disconnect the cellular module if you are not using it for a long time.

Incorrectly configured geolocation services can cause a battery to drain quickly. Geolocation services help you determine the approximate location of your device using cellular and GPS points. I had a case when one program that uses geolocation services, in the background, managed to gobble up 30 percent of the charge per hour.

Go to Settings->Privacy>Geolocation Services. And leave checked only those programs that really need this service. This will reduce the likelihood of suffering from crooked developers.

An example of my setup:

Ipad Battery Runs Out Quickly

You can, of course, completely disable the “Location Services”, but then you will not be able to use navigation programs, when photographing in instagram, automatically determine your location, etc.

The iPad has many settings, but the vast majority of changes do not affect the battery life of the iPad. I will highlight only 2 settings that can cause a fast discharge:
a) Settings.> Wallpaper and brightness. I recommend either to reduce the brightness of the screen, or turn on "Auto brightness". Depends on how comfortable your eyes are.

b) Settings.> The main ones.> Universal access.> Movement reduction. I recommend turning on the switch.

The other settings, in my subjective opinion, have such a negligible effect on the battery that they can be neglected. Not for the same iPad bought to give up many useful functions for a couple of minutes of battery saving ?!

It happens that a particular application can be the main reason for the rapid discharge of the iPad battery. Usually these are 3D shooters or games filled with graphic special effects. Checking how voracious the game is is easy: see how many percent of the charge per hour is spent on the game. If 10-11 percent is normal. If more – then the developers of the game "tried" …