Ipad Lit Charging Icon And Apple

Ipad Lit Charging Icon And Apple

In the beginning, we’ll make it clear if the iPhone fell out of the window from 100,500 floors, or you swam in the sea with it, this article will not help. You have to go to the service center or to the nearest landfill. Today he will find out how not to panic and what to do if the iPhone 5s does not turn on, an apple or a red screen is on.

The more modern and functional smartphones become, the more risks arise in terms of hardware and software. Processors have to “shovel mountains” of information, overheating of microcircuits and as a result may occur in the process. mistakes. Errors in the software can lead to sad consequences, such as a red screen of death suddenly appearing on your iPhone, and a kind of similar problem to the blue screen on iPhone 5s (BSOD).

Panic and run in circles around the gadget, shouting "everything is gone," is not worth it, there is always a way out, remember this.


There are a lot of reasons when an apple appears on the screen and the device does not turn on. Users complained that at first the iPhone is very hot, and then the blue screen and that’s it. Silence. The phone went into itself and did not respond to button presses. How to avoid this, we will consider in the next section, and now we will familiarize ourselves with the causes of such breakdowns:

Software Errors (iOs)

  1. Software, in particular Jailbreak, is essentially a hacking file system. you can judge the consequences yourself
  2. Installing "crooked" applications from the App Store. Yes, and this happens even if you are not a jailbreak fan
  3. Critical iOs update is not installed (remember when was the last time updated)
  4. There is a version. A red screen on an iPhone may occur due to a touch ID failure, after several unsuccessful scan attempts. But it is rather from the category of rumors.

Hardware issues (chips)

  1. The fall of iphone 5s on a hard surface does not add to its health. If immediately after a hard landing the iphone does not turn on or a red screen appears and that’s it, then you need to inspect the internal connectors. Perhaps one of the plugs flew out of the groove.
  2. Drowning an iPhone 6 in plain or sea water also results in a blue or red display (BSOD).
  3. Installing on the phone not high-quality spare parts during the previous repair. The market is flooded with fake parts for iphone 5s, 6, 7. You should be careful when choosing repair shops.
  4. The use of cheap Chinese chargers, sometimes capable of producing such currents that even a refrigerator burns, not to mention the delicate electronic interior of the 5th iPhone.


With this problem, you may encounter seemingly unsuitable symptoms for each other, for example, when the phone has warmed up and issued a blue screen for 5s. It would seem, what does the heating and system error have to do with it. The answer is simple, most likely a processor error occurred that was fixated on solving a meaningless task.

In addition, there are a number of symptoms:

  • When turned on, a red screen appears.
  • When turned on, a blue screen appears.
  • The phone warms up on charging and does not show signs of life, after a minute a blue (BSOD) or red screen (red screen of death) appears.
  • When you try to turn on the device, the message "cooling is required before using the iphone" appears. In this situation, there are two options:
    1. The iPhone just overheated in the sun, so you need to cool it in the shade. Or put it in the freezer for 15 minutes, wrapping a rag.
    2. If 5 does not turn on and the case is cold, but says “cooling is required before using the iphone”, we try to turn it on again, the BSOD mode may appear.
    3. You should not be afraid of such device behavior, it is necessary to carry out the procedures described in the next chapter, in 80% of cases, this saves the device from glitches, and you from the lost time and money in the service center.


      It’s time to answer the question of what to do if the iphone 5 phone does not want to work as it should, sprinkles death screens, it becomes hot like an iron and does not turn on.

      • We are trying to do a “Hard reset” of the phone. To do this, hold down the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds. Iphone 5s will go into reboot, the procedure can be repeated several times until the iOs is fully loaded.
      • After successfully loading the iPhone operating system, turn it off for 10-15 minutes.
      • If iOs is loading, urgently disable the synchronization of applications with iCloud.
      • The next step is to temporarily disable the “Find iPhone” feature. Go to the "Settings". "ICloud." “Find iPhone” and turn off “Find iPhone”.
      • Now on iphone 5s, 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, disable authorization by touch ID. Go to the "Settings". "Basic." "Passcode & Fingerprints. " "Fingerprints", disable this feature. Now the request for touch ID when turned on will not give an error for 5s, throwing out a red screen.
      • Install the iOs update proposed by the system.
      • We are carrying from the workshop, the monitor cable may have broken or the connector has loosened.

      In the end, according to a good tradition, I’ll leave a video instruction, with its help it will be easier to deal with a broken device. Good luck to everyone and see you on the pages of the site.

      Video instruction

      How repair works:

      • one Free diagnose brought-
        device by you or our courier.
      • 2 We make repairs, and also give a guarantee for new installed parts. On average, repairs last 20-30 minutes.
      • 3 Get a working device yourself or call our courier.

      Masters who constantly encounter a malfunction when an apple burns, but the iPad does not turn on, highlight three main causes of failure:

      • software failures;
      • firmware damage;
      • hardware failures caused by moisture, dropping or bumping;
      Ipad Lit Charging Icon And Apple

      Many users claim that their iPad 1 can work without reboots for a month or even two. Of course, during this period, the device receives a huge amount of data that you need "digest".

      As a result, during a forced reboot, a nuisance often occurs in which the apple burns. In this case, you can return performance in several ways:

    4. recovery through iTunes;
    5. flashing the device.
    6. The first method in many cases allows you to return the device to normal mode. But sometimes a forced reboot only exacerbates the problem.

      iPad hangs on an apple and does not turn on. What to do?

      If after restarting the device hangs as before, or does not turn on at all, then try connecting it to the computer and restoring the system through iTunes. When this did not help, you should change the firmware. You can do this yourself, but it’s better to entrust this time-consuming and responsible process to the masters of our Apple Service Center. Here, only tested and licensed software will be installed on the tablet.

      But there are situations that flashing does not bring a positive effect, but the malfunction persists, the iPad does not turn on, the apple burns and goes out. This indicates only one thing. A hardware failure and damage to key components of the device occurred. You could inadvertently hit the tablet on an object, or the gadget could fall. All this often leads to damage to loops, microcircuits, and even the motherboard.

      How to fix iPad 3 tablet in this situation? Most often, the hang of iPad 2 on an apple indicates the failure of flash chips or a processor. It is unlikely that these components can be restored on their own after damage, so it is necessary to completely replace them. This is a rather complicated process that can only be performed by a qualified employee with the necessary set of tools.

      But the biggest danger to the electronics of the device lies in moisture. Water ingress leads to oxidation and corrosion of the contacts and microcircuits of the device. In addition, attempts to start the tablet after moisture has entered may result in serious consequences for the device, because moisture, as an excellent conductor, leads to such a thing as a “short circuit”. In this situation, the user will not fix anything on his own, you must immediately contact our Apple repair shop.

      I welcome you, dear users and undoubtedly the happy owners of the iPad – a tablet computer from Apple based on the iOS operating system (at the time of writing, the latest version is the eighth). If you are the proud owner of any gadget from Apple, for example iPad (2,3, Mini, Air), then most likely you are already used to its stable and reliable operation and for you the fact that the gadget does not turn on starts up dead end.

      Those people who have never used a tablet computer other than the iPad (2,3, Mini, Air), probably do not know that during the operation of the device there may be any difficulties or problems, for example, the device does not turn on.

      In today’s article, we will analyze the situation when the iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) does not turn on. Those. the device does not react in any way when the “on” button is pressed, and even the apple on the glass, black screen does not burn.

      Faced this situation? Do not rush to panic and look for a screwdriver so that (2,3, Mini, Air), I, in general, strongly advise you not to disassemble the tablet computer yourself in case of problems, you can not fix the situation, but you can do even worse. Moreover, the iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) does not turn on, then this problem in ninety-nine percent of cases can be solved, literally, in five minutes. Below I will tell you what actions you need to take to do this.

      Method 1

      Of course, I suppose that now there will be many discontented exclamations, but believe me. the action described below is the first thing to do in a situation where your tablet iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) cannot be turned on. Perhaps he just ran out of battery power. If you have not tried this method to “reanimate” your device, then do it right now – plug your tablet into a power outlet.

      If this method does not help and the device does not turn on, go to the heavier artillery

      Method 2

      The next step that you need to take to reanimate your Apple device (in fact, this method can bring to life not only the iPad tablet computer (2,3, Mini, Air), but also the iPhone smartphone) – press and hold two buttons at the same time: button device on / off and the Home button (round button at the bottom of the inside of the Apple device) Hold and hold these two buttons simultaneously for at least ten seconds. If after this time the apple does not burn, then go to the next way to get the iPad to work.

      If the apple caught fire, then everything is fine (the gadget turns on), and your tablet iPad or iPhone smartphone will work after a certain amount of time (several seconds).

      Method 3

      If the previous method did not help and the device still does not turn on, then use the more radical method, namely, restoring the iOS operating system using iTunes. This is done very simply, follow the steps described below. :

      • Connect your device (iPad tablet computer or iPhone smartphone) to a personal computer using a USB cable, this cable should come with the Apple device;
      • The computer to which you are connecting the device must have iTunes installed. If this program is not on your personal computer, then you need to install it. You can do this at this link. http://www.apple.com/itunes/;
      • Launch iTunes, then press CTRLS and select your device in the side menu that appears. Go to the “Overview” tab, now on your Apple device, hold down the buttons: home and on / off. Do not release the buttons for about ten seconds;
      • Further, a window will appear in the program in which you will be prompted to restore the iOS operating system.

      Attention: restoring the operating system on your device, you act at your own peril and risk, the author of this material is not responsible for your actions

      Method 4

      If none of the proposed methods helped you, then only one thing remains – to take your device to a service center.

      That’s all for today, I hope now your iPad (2,3, Mini, Air) or iPhone turns on without problems