Iphone 11 Quickly Discharges. I Tell You How I Solved The Problem.

Iphone 11 Quickly Discharges. I Tell You How I Solved The Problem.

One of the advantages of the iPhone is the balanced system and excellent optimization. Apple itself is developing processors, it itself is engaged in software, until recently, there were few models, therefore everything was squeezed out of iPhones. They were always praised for their battery life – with relatively small batteries, they lived for a long time without recharging, 4s or 5s, for example, they did well.

Then the era of large displays began, Chinese manufacturers filled the market with smartphones-shovels with high-capacity batteries, simply and easily solving the main problem of our time. Apple did not stand aside, the Plus series appeared, the phones were still with thin cases, the operating time, in comparison with ordinary small iPhones, increased, everyone was happy.

iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t work much

I had 6 Plus, then 6s Plus, now 7 Plus. It’s not that I was delighted how long the phone has been working – it lives all day and all right, but at night I connected it to the power supply for the iPad and went to bed, so there were no problems. But when you start charging the phone 2-3 times a day, you involuntarily start thinking: why am I paying money, where is the much-praised optimization and other goodies of the Apple ecosystem? It was such bad thoughts that I was born with the transition to iOS 11.

When, after the release of iOS 11, the phone was very hot, I sinned on the optimization curve. Then several iOS 11 updates came out, they wrote that on 11.1 the phone finally began to work perfectly. Smoothly, quickly, and finally solved the problems with the firmware, the battery no longer eats. It seems like there was a reason for joy, but I was disappointed – it didn’t get better, as before, with very sluggish use, the phone was quickly discharged during the day. It was possible to score on it and use it as before, but I decided to try to solve this problem.

IPhone quickly sits down what to do

On the Internet you can find a lot of materials on how to extend the working time of the iPhone, we also had such an article. All known methods did not help me, so I had to try other methods. At the same time, I shared my feelings on this subject; it turned out that not just one of me had an iPhone that was quickly discharged.

I’ll say that I tried to turn off the background content update, the notifications are set to a minimum, I deactivated Siri, turned off almost all the auxiliary settings in the geolocation section. I didn’t turn it off myself, otherwise I wouldn’t add a taxi or geotags to the photo.

I tried to reset the system settings – it did not help, as the phone was discharged, it continued to behave badly. Meanwhile, I rode the subway, sinned on the poor reception of the network and put the phone in airplane mode while in the subway. I tried to change operators out of interest, Megaphone, Beeline, MTS and Tele 2 stood in turn on the phone, but did not notice a significant difference.

Do a data reset!

In general, I tried everything that is possible. And then I tried a completely extreme way – I did a complete data reset. I erased everything and set up the iPhone again. It helped!

Yes, this simple but primitive way turned out to be the most effective. I spent a day with the phone, surprised at how long it worked. The iPhone did not sit in the evening to 10%, as usual, no – I had about 50% in stock. I was very surprised at this situation.

But what to do with the data? It’s necessary to somehow return everything back. Then I did a reset again, formatted the memory, restored everything from the copy saved in iCloud. Damn it, all my problems came back again, the phone started to work a little again. I walked with him for several days in this state, I realized that a miracle did not happen.

I had a difficult choice: either we solve problems with the working time, but we lose some of the data, or I keep all the trash I have acquired, but I do not whine that the iPhone does not live much.

Use iCloud

Most of all I was worried about how to transfer photos. The frames accumulated during trips have been accumulating in iPhones since 2012, I changed phones, made backup copies, transferred everything from one device to another and did not know grief.

iCloud stores an exact snapshot of all data on the phone, very convenient: contacts, notes, passwords in Safari, call history, even wallpapers and ringtones. You make a backup of the old device, then you buy a new one, everything moves perfectly, you just have to wait until the data loads. Alternatively, you can backup via iTunes, connecting the phone via cable.

This option is convenient because the data is at hand, if anything, you can copy the backup to an external hard drive, somehow duplicate it. In addition, you don’t have to pay for a place in the iCloud cloud. I have a 200 GB subscription, it costs 149 rubles a month. The amount is small. You may ask, why not use the free package? Apple gives only 5 GB for free, so it’s not technically possible to “backup” an iPhone in the cloud without extra spending, unless you store a minimum amount of data.

Also note that if you made a backup copy of an iPhone in iCloud, and then dumped all the data and set it up as new, then it … will erase the old copy in iCloud, there is no possibility to make another copy. Therefore, before setting up the phone, I backed up everything through iTunes on the poppy for reliability. And I advise you to keep a copy on your computer just in case of fire.

As a result, I set up the iPhone, notes, contacts, passwords for Safari were loaded into the phone, everything seems to be in place. Software needs to be reinstalled, of course, it takes some time, but there will be an extra reason to get rid of all the junk that was kept in the phone “in reserve”. I was glad that the phone began to work faster, it is very noticeable. Apple obviously did something wrong with the firmware, it’s not normal that you have to do a full reset, and then reconfigure everything.

In general, everything returned, except for photographs. Why? Because I have disabled photo sync between iPhone and iCloud. I did this on purpose so as not to clutter up the memory with unnecessary data. The phone used to be only part of the photos, and the bulk of everything was stored on the iMac, which I, from time to time, synchronized with iCloud Photo. The photos are also duplicated in Google Photos – I like the Google service more, it’s more convenient if only because data from Android devices get there, in addition, it’s free.

Another subtle point. From an iPhone, you can transfer all photos to a computer using the Photos application on a poppy or the Image Capture utility. The problem is that just taking and transferring the pictures back does not work. This is not an android for you, where you can simply drag one folder to another.

As for music, I don’t use Apple Music, I switched to Spotify a long time ago, so I often listen to songs online, and, if necessary, you can download and save everything. I think the situation is the same with Apple Music.

And yes, messages have not recovered. Apple threatened that iOS 11 would learn to sync iMessage with cloud storage, but I have nothing and nothing. Campaign, so this thing was not fixed. Well, okay, I’ve been chatting through Telegram for a long time.


From this story, you learned that a complete reset and setting up the phone as new helps to solve problems with the iPhone’s working time. I wrote about the pros and cons of this method, thanks to the cloud storages, there are less and less reasons for worries, the data is constantly stored somewhere, if you wish, everything can be quickly returned. What exactly is the problem of iOS 11, I still do not understand. Perhaps the Photo application is somehow to blame, but the fact is that the phone works longer without old photos.

It remains only to decide how best to solve the issue of storing images, but this is a topic for another article.