Iphone 5s Doesn’t Catch Network

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If the iPhone does not have a network, the cause of the malfunction may be incorrectly set parameters or mechanical damage to the device. To find out why iPhone does not find a SIM card, it is not necessary to immediately contact the master. Try to diagnose yourself. reset or reset your smartphone. If the iPhone does not catch the network due to a modem malfunction or wear on the parts responsible for activating the mobile operator, you should contact a specialist.

Why the smartphone is intermittent

Problems with the mobile operator may arise due to the fact that there was a small software malfunction in the iPhone. In this case, to restore Apple technology, it is enough to reboot the device. If the phone after updating does not see the SIM card or writes: “there is no network”, the cause of the malfunction can be more serious.

The phone may not detect the SIM card in such situations:

  • wear of the modem, antenna or other parts
  • moisture in the iPhone
  • SIM card lock
  • network problems due to malfunctioning mobile operator

Network problems may occur due to late software updates or malfunctions after factory unlocking. In the latter case, the SIM card is successfully registered, but iPhone does not find a mobile operator.

Also, network problems can occur after disassembling the iPhone. If you do not have special tools recommended by Apple, do not do it yourself. You can not only incorrectly connect the cables, but also damage the motherboard.

How to fix system crashes

Before fixing the problem, inspect the iPhone for damage. Any chips and scratches can cause hardware problems. only experienced technicians can eliminate them qualitatively.

The main ways to restore the network:

  • iPhone reset
  • network reset
  • software upgrade
  • network antenna replacement

Permanent problems with the mobile network may occur due to a malfunction of the SIM card. To replace the card, contact your mobile operator.

After activation, the iPhone may not be detected on the network due to overheating. High and low temperatures lead to disruption of the smooth operation of the gadget. Before changing the settings of the cellular network or giving the smartphone for repair, leave it for 15-20 minutes at room temperature. Then restart the iPhone. if after the update he does not see the SIM card as before, reset the settings by following these steps:

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  • click on the category "Basic"
  • select "Reset"
  • click on the “Reset Network Settings” tab

When resetting the network settings on the iPhone, other parameters will be updated, including APN and VPN. You will also have to re-enter all passwords and search for Wi-Fi networks.

If after these procedures there is still no network signal or the SIM card is not detected, check the coverage area. see if data from the mobile operator is activated.

How to download updates

Constant failures or a bad signal may be due to outdated network settings. If you inserted a SIM card into the iPhone, but the smartphone does not ring, update the cellular data. To do this, after activating the SIM card, do the following:

  • connect your phone to wifi
  • select "General"
  • click on the tab "About this device"

If new parameters are available, the mobile operator will automatically offer to search for and install them. Each time you insert another SIM card, download new settings to improve communication.

Network problems also depend on the quality of service. Before giving your iPhone for repair, contact your mobile operator and find out all the important information:

  • state of an account
  • tariff changes
  • information about interruptions in the work of a mobile operator
Iphone 5s Doesn't Catch Network

If after these steps the signal is still unavailable or the SIM card does not work, you need to look for other causes of the problems.

Restore to factory settings

In those cases when the iPhone does not see the SIM card, there is no network or the smartphone does not ring, resetting to the factory settings often helps. this allows you to get rid of malicious files. Remember that this method will help fix system problems, but all the applications and games on the phone will have to be reinstalled.

Steps to restore factory settings on iPhone:

  • launch iTunes on your computer
  • connect the gadget to the PC
  • select your device in iTunes
  • click on the browse tab
  • select "Restore"
  • confirm recovery procedure

Apple recommends that you always use original USB cables and adapters. Using analog wires can cause software installation failures. Before you restore the device to the factory settings, you can save the data in iCloud. You can also back up on iTunes.

When professional repair is needed

If you tried all the methods, but the phone still doesn’t catch the network, and you don’t know how to fix the situation, contact qualified technicians for help. Most likely, network problems arose due to hardware problems. the wizards will fix them after disassembling the device.

On the YouDo website, you will quickly find artists who specialize in repairing Apple equipment. Professionals Yudu offer favorable conditions for cooperation:

  • high-quality iPhone repair using modern tools and original parts
  • home trip at a convenient time for you
  • restoration of the device in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
Iphone 5s Doesn't Catch Network

If the iPhone does not have a network or a SIM card is not available, leave a request on the Yudu website. experienced service providers guarantee promptness and excellent repair quality.

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