IPhone 7 Camera Replacement

The seventh series iPhone will delight its owners with a new camera, with optical stabilization. Protection unfortunately has not undergone any changes. If you see a black screen while starting the photo app, this is a reason to come to "PlanetiPhone" for free diagnostics. Replacing the iPhone 7 camera in 20 minutes using genuine parts with a 180-day warranty. We work every day until 8 pm.

The prices indicated on the site are final, without any "tricky" margins

We always have free diagnostics of any
Apple devices

Warranty 6 months for all modular repairs and 3 months for soldering!

Features of the new seven rear camera.

Apple engineers were able to please fans with new camera modules in the seventh series. Despite the remaining matrix size of 12 megapixels, optical stabilization appeared in it, a lens with a wide aperture in F / 1.8. Due to this, images in the dark have become better. Optics now consists of 6 lenses, instead of 5.

IPhone 7 Camera Replacement

When is an iPhone 7 camera replacement needed?

  • – Moisture has gotten inside the smartphone.

(Despite the moisture protection, you should not take a shower with a smartphone or throw it into the lake. Moisture penetrates through the connectors and speaker nets)

  • – Squeezing, dropping or bumping.

(The loop is damaged and comes out of the grooves, which is not uncommon)

  • – The image appeared spots, stripes, stains.

(The matrix of the module is damaged or the lens is dirty)

  • – Does not focus. (Photos are blurred)

(The lens focusing mechanism is damaged or the glass is scratched)

  • – Black screen when the application starts.

(This can be either a failure of the operating system or a damaged loop)

  • – Flashlight or flash does not work.

(Damage to the upper plume, often accompanied by such symptoms)

  • – There is no image in the photo.

(Again, you can sin on a software error or on a defective loop)

Repair and replacement of the iPhone 7 camera may be required due to the natural or premature wear of parts.

How is the camera replaced on the iPhone 7 in the SC?

  • – It is worth calling and calling the master at home or come in person to one of the offices "PlanetiPhone" and show your smartphone to specialists.
  • – We will conduct a free smartphone test to accurately determine all the malfunctions.
  • – Let’s say right away how much the repair costs, what specifically broke and we will orient in time. Please note that the cost is final! No surcharges after.
  • – The replacement of the iPhone 7 camera begins immediately after agreeing and resolving all the nuances.
  • – After 20 minutes, we will inform you of the readiness for extradition.
  • – After paying for the services in fact, we will give you a refurbished gadget, a guarantee receipt and a discount card.

Replace the camera on iPhone 7 in "PlanetiPhone".

Due to the long work only with Apple gadgets, we can offer many services and the most favorable conditions for cooperation in Moscow. These include:

  • – Free check for breakdowns and departure of employees to the address within the Moscow Ring Road.
  • – Use of modern tools and original spare parts.
  • – The lowest price for replacing the iPhone 7 camera in Moscow.
  • – We repair seven days a week, promptly.
  • – 6 month long warranty and many more.

Replacing the iPhone 7 camera raises doubts and questions? Write them to the consultant in a chat or call! We will contact you quickly and answer any question.