Iphone 8 Frame Replacement

As always, following the annual tradition, the famous American company Apple introduced new smartphones in the early fall of this year. This time, the Americans pleased their fans with the brand new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which are very different from their predecessors, but all are also made in the best traditions of American manufacturers.

Iphone 8 Frame Replacement

What’s new?

Of course, it is worth focusing on the application of OLED technology, which is used to make displays. It is also worth noting that the structure of the hull has changed significantly. The updated screen and glass back cover will add appeal to the new smartphone. Among other things, strength indicators have increased due to the use of the latest version of Gorilla Glass, which significantly increased the degree of reliability of external elements. However, despite all the strength, it is not excluded the appearance of a number of problems that may arise due to damage to the protective glass. Repair iPhone 8 Plus may be required at any time.

Most common malfunctions

Despite the fact that the iPhone 8 Plus has a high degree of strength, this smartphone can not withstand the effects of various factors. However, there is a possibility that the heavy-duty case of this smartphone does not exclude possible risks, in which case mechanical damage may occur. Crashing or dropping may cause cracks in the glass or worse. deformation of the display matrix. You can fix this problem in various ways that will help you get rid of the problems that have appeared. In this case, the question arises: how to do this?

Consider the most correct and common ways to solve the problem. In the case when a strong blow falls on the protective glass, this can cause problems much more seriously. If you have detected various spots or sagging, as well as broken pixels and a number of other defects, this may indicate that the sensor or even the matrix may have been damaged. One way or another, but this is a bad sign, because after these problems others may begin, related to the performance of the front camera, sensors for reading fingerprints and the like. In this case, you may need to replace the screen in the iPhone 8 Plus or replace the rear window, which we already practice in our workshop for servicing apple smartphones.

Repair iPhone 8 Plus in AppleLab

If you are looking for a service center where you can replace glass in the iPhone 8, then you should turn to trusted professionals who have many years of experience in this field and are aware of all the nuances. We suggest you contact our informal service center. AppleLab, where we quickly diagnose all problems and fix them in the shortest possible time. To replace the glass, we do not need so much time, this procedure will take no more than one hour. You can get acquainted with our prices on the website. We offer you warranty repairs.