Iphone 8 Plus How much memory to choose

Updated: 01.11.2019. 3 month ago

Technologies in our time are developing so rapidly that even having bought the latest model of a smartphone right now, a person cannot be sure that in a month something new, modern and technologically advanced will not appear on the market. However, this is not a reason to think that a quality device purchased even a year ago will quickly become obsolete and will not perform its basic functions.

Modern smartphones are a real breakthrough in IT. And in particular, this applies to the beloved Apple. Their phones have remained relevant, stylish and productive for many years, despite the fact that the company tries every year to please users with a new iPhone model.

At the moment, the flagship of Apple is iPhone 7. It is worth noting that iPhones occupy the most significant share in the smartphone market today. Very few companies in this area are able to provide Apple even the slightest competition. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that when buying an iPhone 7, a person gets the most advanced gadget on the market.

About the features of a modern phone

Today, even in provincial cities, it is very rare to meet a person who would say that he needs a phone only for calls. There are less and less such people every year, as the world is changing, and with it, people’s attitudes toward the functions of various things are changing.

For a modern person, a smartphone serves not only as a means of making calls. It performs a huge number of functions that were previously simply inaccessible to mobile devices, due to the insufficient level of technology development.

Gadgets such as powerful from the point of view of technical characteristics, like the iPhone 7, quickly become an indispensable thing for a person, due to the wide functionality that they provide.

From an iPhone, you can view mail, high-quality video, take incredible pictures, use millions of apps from the App Store and so on. The full list will be large enough, so there is no point in listing it.

You can watch the video review of the new iPhone here:

Species iPhone. series, configuration

In order to choose a suitable iPhone you need to understand what are the features of each model. If we are talking about number versions, for example, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, it is worth noting that these are completely different phones, both from a technical point of view and from the point of view of user perception. They use technologies of different generations, so choosing which is better and which is worse does not make sense.

Same thing with S versions. In fact, the S version of the iPhone is a slightly improved version of the previous generation, but in this case, the new model really becomes more powerful and productive in technical terms, and sometimes acquires new features.

Iphone 8 Plus How much memory to choose

In fact, there is nothing strange here, and in order to answer this question, you need to understand in more detail how people can use the iPhone 7.

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What kind of memory does iPhone 7 have and how to use it?

Despite the fact that the performance and technical characteristics of the device do not change with increasing memory, it is still worth paying attention to, and in order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to proceed from how the iPhone will be used. Different versions have their advantages, so you should talk about them in more detail.

32 GB version

Video: Iphone 8 Plus How much memory to choose

The smallest version of the iPhone 7 in terms of memory is the 32 GB model. It is worth noting that it is not in all colors. The new iPhone received five different colors, of which the color “black onyx” caused the greatest excitement. It is not known for what reasons, but it was for this model that Apple decided not to release a 32 gigabyte version.

Also interesting is the fact that the iPhone 7 was the first release of Apple in which exactly 32 GB of styles are minimal. In the previous generation, the minimum memory capacity was 16 GB.

The version with such a capacity is worth paying attention to those people who do not use the phone as a professional tool, but simply use it in everyday life. A volume of 32 GB is enough to download the necessary music, install all the necessary applications and store a personal archive of photos. Although in some cases the user needs more space and 32 GB may not be enough. There is a way out of this situation, but we will talk about this later.

128 GB version

Another unexpected decision by Apple in 2016 was the abandonment of the 64 gigabyte version in the new iPhone 7. For many users, the transition from 32 to 128 GB seemed very sharp. Indeed, there are a huge number of people for whom 32 GB is not enough, but they also do not want to overpay for 128.

Iphone 8 Plus How much memory to choose

In fact, this decision is quite rational and justified. The 128 gigabyte version will be ideal for users who are accustomed to not worry about the amount of memory and download everything they need to the phone. Nowadays, the 64 gigabyte version would not provide such an opportunity, since progress is moving forward, applications are improving, they are becoming more complex and functional, and, therefore, take up more space in the device’s memory. Therefore, 128 GB is ideal for the average person.

256 GB version

In 2016, Apple for the first time decided to release a compact device with such a huge amount of memory. The main reason for this was the presence of the seventh iPhone a large number of functions that were not there before, and which require a substantial capacity of the device.

You need to understand that for the average user, the 256 gigabyte version is really bust. A person who does not use the iPhone as a professional device runs the risk of simply overpaying for the extra gigabytes that he will not use. In this case, it is better to choose a version of 32 or 128 GB.

It is quite another matter if a person needs not just a modern phone, but a truly professional gadget. It can be used, for example, to shoot 4K video, which takes up a huge amount of memory while saving, or to install professional applications, which in the App Store are huge, for a variety of needs.

The price for the 256 GB version will be the highest, however, it is fully justified for people who need a professional tool, and not just a good smartphone.

The video plot compares the download speed of iPhone 7 flash drives with different amounts of memory. 32 GB and 256 GB

What to do if there is not enough memory in iPhone 7?

Many users are faced with such a problem that the device’s memory becomes full, and they can no longer download and install the applications that they need. The way out of this situation is very simple: you need to remove unused applications.

Perhaps some users will be discouraged by the fact that in the iPhone you can not increase the memory with the help of technical intervention. In fact, for sure, it is possible, but it is not rational for the average person. If you need a lot of memory, it is better to immediately buy the appropriate version, or make sure that the memory is not clogged with unnecessary games and applications.

There are special programs that allow you to clear the device’s memory and maintain it in good shape. They are very easy to find on the App Store.

  1. I bought a 32 gig version for myself and I can’t say that I’m missing it. Naturally, I don’t record hours of video in 4K, and I don’t download movies in the device’s memory, so for me this version is quite enough, as for all people who just need a smartphone for everyday life.
  2. About the 128 GB version I can say one thing. there is enough memory for any person with a margin. There has never been such a thing as to slow down the phone, although I have installed a lot of applications. All photos and videos are placed without problems, so for me this version was very convenient.
  3. I often shoot long videos in high quality, and in truth, it was this fact that pushed me to buy a new iPhone. The camera is simply unbelievable, not a movie of course, but it’s quite suitable for a very high-quality shooting. I chose the 256 GB version and am quite satisfied with the capacity, all I need is placed in this volume. In general, I definitely recommend it to those who often encounter photo and video shooting.

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