Iphone 8 Screen Does Not Turn Off

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If the screen stops working on the iPhone, there is a chance to cope on their own. The reasons for the occurrence of such a malfunction can be various: from mechanical damage due to shock and moisture entering the phone to system errors during flashing and rebooting the smartphone. Violations during the operation of the iPhone can lead to the following problems: the screen does not show or goes out, the display module stops responding, there is no image on the touch screen, the touch glass is damaged, the smartphone does not turn on at all.

You need to know the causes of the malfunction in order to determine whether it is possible to cope with such problems on your own or whether you should give the iPhone for professional repair.

Why touchscreen malfunctions occur

In order to answer the question: “What should I do if the iPhone has turned off the screen, but it works?”, First of all, you need to establish the cause of the smartphone malfunction. Various errors in the screen most often occur for the following reasons:

Iphone 8 Screen Does Not Turn Off
  • damage to the display after falling or hitting
  • moisture inside the iPhone
  • system failures when flashing iPhone, installing updates, etc.

All of these failures can lead to various iPhone malfunctions.

What malfunctions occur in the iPhone most often

If your iPhone crashes, crashes, stops working after a poor-quality flashing, goes out after installing updates, the device may need a qualified repair. Most often, the following problems in the work of the iPhone are the “symptoms” of such malfunctions:

  • screen does not work
  • the screen goes out
  • screen turns off
  • Black screen (no backlight)
  • iPhone screen slows down
  • the smartphone is disconnected and does not respond to any commands
  • cracks appeared on the surface of the screen
  • other display damage

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If you drop and break your phone, first of all, check if the iPhone has remained operational. If the smartphone turns off, goes out and does not respond to any commands, and large cracks appear on the surface of the screen, it is unlikely to manage without a professional repair of the device. But if the iPhone just went blank, the device does not turn off, the touch screen remains intact, and calls still go through, you can try to fix such breakdowns yourself.

Iphone 8 Screen Does Not Turn Off

How to fix iPhone malfunctions yourself

If after falling, hitting and other troubles, the iPhone remains on and the screen is intact, but at the same time it goes out, stops responding and makes sounds, or starts to slow down, you can try to restore the device to work on its own. First of all, try restarting your smartphone. This can be done by simultaneously pressing the following buttons:

  • screen lock button
  • home button
  • power button

If after such an action the display is on, the call goes on and the touch screen responds to touch, you can continue to use the device without fear. If the screen remains dark and still refuses to work, although the smartphone is turned on and ringing, and the beeps go away, try the following:

  • remove the protective coating (sometimes it causes the screen to go blank on the iPhone)
  • change the charger and other accessories (sometimes they make the smartphone turn off, slow down and turn off the screen on the iPhone)
  • remove the decorative cover (it may also be the reason that the iPhone has gone blank screen)

If all these steps did not help your smartphone, whose display stopped working, it is unlikely to fix it yourself. You should not continue trying to eliminate the black screen. this can lead to the phone starting to slow down even more, stop ringing, turn off and go out altogether. In order not to harm the smartphone even more, which crashed and the display stopped working, you should entrust its repair to professionals.

To whom to give the smartphone for repair

Situations in which the iPhone went blank, the display module was damaged, other problems occurred (for example, the sound turned off) are familiar to any repairman. If your smartphone crashes, a dark screen appears on it, etc., you can return it for repair to any service center. However, if you do not want to wait a long time for the wizard to eliminate the black screen, and to overpay for the repair of the screen that turns off, contact the Yudu performers for help.

An experienced YouDo master knows how to make a quick and high-quality iPhone repair, while the prices for his services are the lowest. Contractor Yudu will promptly fix the following problems:

  • iPhone went out screen (dark display)
  • the screen does not respond to clicks
  • no display backlight

A qualified artist, Yudu, will help you quickly and inexpensively cope with a situation that requires screen repair on the iPhone.

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