Iphone Does Not Catch The Network What To Do In Such Cases

Iphone Does Not Catch The Network What To Do In Such Cases

During the operation of the smartphone, there may be cases when iPhone does not catch the network. What to do in such cases and what actions to take will be considered in this article.

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Very often, a problem with the cellular network in the iPhone can occur after:

  • incorrectly set time on the iPhone;
  • reset to factory settings;
  • firmware updates;
  • after repair;
  • after the iPhone has not been used for a long time.

Before proceeding to the instructions for eliminating the lack of a network in the iPhone, reboot the device. Perhaps an error has occurred in the operating system and a reboot will solve this trouble.

If it doesn’t help, check the SIM card tray, perhaps you did not correctly install the SIM card and the contacts do not touch the magnetic surface. Nothing changed? We proceed to the following actions.

IPhone network recovery time correction

To implement this instruction you need Wi-Fi.

  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi network and then go to the "General" section (this is in the "Settings" application.
  1. Enter the “Date and Time” subsection and in the “Automatic” item drag the slider to the active mode (If it was already on, turn it off and on again).
  2. Take a short pause of no more than 30 seconds and restart your iPhone.

After rebooting, the smartphone should restore the network. If this does not happen, proceed to the next steps.

IPhone Airplane Activation Doesn’t Catch Your Cellular Network

This option will help if a system failure occurs.

  1. Turn on "Airplane mode" on the iPhone and then turn it off (do it several times).
  2. Reboot the smartphone and check the connection – it should be restored.

Do not rule out the possibility of a malfunction of the SIM card itself. It could be damaged (for example, when cropping or installing in the tray) or may be demagnetized. Check how this SIM works on another phone.

Reset network settings if iPhone does not see the cellular network

Also in this case, a software failure simply occurred and resetting the network settings will help correct the incorrect operation of the Apple smartphone.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to the “General” settings section.
  3. Go to the "Reset" item.
  4. Enter the "Reset Network Settings" item.

If necessary, you need to enter a password and then the network will reset. Next, reboot the smartphone. If, even after all the steps, the error has not been fixed, read on.

IPhone antenna malfunction

Having completed all of the recommendations and checks listed above, as a result of which none of the above helped, we can conclude that the problem lies in the inoperability of the iPhone antenna. In this case, feel free to contact the service center to troubleshoot problems with receiving communications.

If you summarize all of the above options, then the iPhone may be network for me for two reasons: software failure (you can solve it yourself), mechanical damage (damage to the SIM card, device crash, moisture, antenna malfunction).