Iphone Is Disconnected, Connect To Itunes “- What To Do

Iphone Is Disconnected, Connect To Itunes "- What To Do

When buying, most often we choose reliable devices, but in the process of using, we often encounter all kinds of errors. Some are caused by software crashes, while others are caused by incorrect use. Usually the screen displays: "iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes." if a passcode has been entered incorrectly several times, which removes the screen lock.

What happens when the password is entered incorrectly. “IPhone is off, try again in an hour”

  • After 6 incorrect entries, the device displays a message stating that it is necessary to try input in a minute.
  • After 9 erroneous code entries, the device will be temporarily locked for 1 hour. The message will look like this: "iPhone is disconnected, try again in an hour."

Almost all devices have a limit of attempts, it can be different. The number of attempts depends on the model and type of device. As soon as the limit is finally exhausted, you will see the following message on the screen: "iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes." Many novice users worry that it will be difficult or impossible to restore the device’s performance.

ITunes sync issues

The need to restore access to the device can occur at any time outside the home, far from the computer with which the gadget has already been synchronized. The password counter is rolled back, as mentioned above, using iTunes. Usually this method is accessed after the message “iPhone is disconnected, connect to iTunes” appears. If at the moment access to your PC is not possible, then you can try to establish a connection with another. When you connect to a copy of iTunes with which the gadget was not previously synchronized, you will see a notification asking you to allow access to the computer to the information stored in the device’s memory. After you allow access, the program will try to synchronize, but for its successful completion it is necessary to respond on the smartphone or tablet itself. In the event that the message on the screen that the iPhone is disconnected, it is impossible to make a response from it. Since this is not possible in your case, it is possible to quickly restore access to the device only when the device is detected in the program or after a complete reset (in this case, the information will be lost).

Data backup

You can create a copy of information from any gadget in two ways:

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  • Through the application in the iCloud device itself.
  • Using iTunes.

For the first method, you will need to register an Apple ID account, information will be stored on a "cloud" server. It is possible to synchronize a device with it only with the help of authorization in the application. In order to keep a copy of the information in iTunes, you must synchronize the device with it. Developers recommend that owners do this procedure periodically so that the information on the computer is up to date. If the iPhone is disconnected and its recovery is necessary, the data will not be permanently lost.

Iphone Is Disconnected, Connect To Itunes "- What To Do

Putting the device into DFU mode

Device Firmware Update Mode. device debugging mode, it is possible to restore the device’s factory settings in it. When switching to this mode, it is possible to install the operating system of the device from scratch. In the instructions for restoring the device’s health, if the iPhone asks to connect to iTunes, this mode is often mentioned.

To go into recovery mode, you must perform the following manipulations:

  • Connect the device to the PC and start iTunes.
  • Press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  • Then, while continuing to hold the power button, press Home and hold them together for a while.
  • After about 10 seconds, release the power button, and continue to hold Home for some more time.

If all the manipulations were performed correctly, then the iTunes program will display a message stating that the device was detected in DFU or recovery mode.

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